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About Company

Golden Star General Enterprises LLC is a company that operates diversified sectors and provides different services. 

General Trading: As a general trading company affiliated with Golden Star General Enterprises LLC, we would deal with the importation, exportation, and distribution of various products, commodities, and goods. This can include items such as electronics, textiles, and consumer goods among others.

Construction and Contracting: The company will offer its construction and contracting services, which may include the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as infrastructure projects. This may include activities such as project management, civil work, electrical work, plumbing and other construction services.

Engineering Services: Golden Star UAE may offer engineering services that involve design, consulting and project planning. This will involve many engineering branches, including civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering.

Facilities Management: The firm can provide with facilities management services which include the upkeep of buildings and properties. This can range from services such as cleaning, security, landscaping, HVAC maintenance, and general facility upkeep.

Trading and Distribution: Golden Star General UAE  as a wholesale and trading firm might be dealing with particular products or brands. This could include cooperation with manufacturers or suppliers for the distribution of goods to retail outlets, wholesalers or other business organizations.

Logistics and Supply Chain: The company can have competence in logistics and supply chain management offering services such as transport, storage, inventory management, and distribution to foster smooth movement of goods.

Consultancy Services: Golden Star General Enterprises LLC may work as a consulting firm and help the clients with specialization areas such as business development, market research, project management or strategic planning.