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About Company

About Parisima Talent

Parisima specialises in building high performing workforces that improve business performance. Our experience has demonstrated that the most effective organisations view their employees as their most important asset and view Talent Management as a holistic end-to-end complementary process.

Whether it’s a partial or fully outsourced recruitment solution or a focus on a particular area of your talent acquisition cycle, our solutions are tailored to address your specific challenges. We are experts in optimising talent acquisition and resourcing functions to build high performing organisations with high performing individuals.

Through key strategic partnerships, Parisima is the only organisation in the Middle East that specialises in addressing the full employee lifecycle. This includes Hiring (talent acquisition, applicant-tracking systems, assessments for recruitment and development) and Retention (employee engagement surveys, employee recognition and reward programs and executive leadership programs).

By addressing each of these functions and ensuring alignment, Parisima helps organisations hire the right person for the right role and helps them learn, grow, develop and perform at a consistently high level, which in turn will improve business performance.