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About Company

Riyadh Air which launched its service during March 23 is a brand new Saudi national airline that aims at shaping​ the face of aviation in Saudi Arabia. Just as the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is the home for its headquarters, Riyadh Air will strive to be the leader in digital aviation where the latest technology will be effectively applied to ensure a smooth travel experience.

One of the remarkable elements of Riyadh Air Careers is its pledge to be environmental-friendly and to have safety as its main principle. The Riyadh Air company has implemented the best international standards in all these areas. This attitude complies with the organization`s aspiration to limit its carbon footprint and offer the most perfect service to the passengers and crew members. 

Working hand in hand as well as sharing knowledge, Riyadh Air careers look into their goal achievement. The goal of Riyadh Air is compelling with the vision of 2030 to lead the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia and to attract international and quality professionals.

Traveling by air becomes an enjoyable one when Riyadh Air is in mind because the flight attendant works seamlessly to deliver an unparalleled travel experience. By utilizing digital technologies and customer focused strategies, Riyadh air shall aim at offering its passengers with an easygoing and pleasant traveling experience.

In fact, overall, future vision of Riyadh air in provincial development of aviation is ambitious and inspiring. On top of the digitalization, sustainability and safety initiatives, Riyadh Air is all set for a great future in the aviation world because it has managed to bring in the best industry experts that shape up very well the consumers' aviation experience.