ClickCease Butler


  • Waitress
  • Abu Dhabi
  • 5000
  • Full Time
  • Private
  • Urgent

24 Mar 23

Job Description

Duties and Positions

As soon as visitors arrive, greet them and help them into their rooms.

Get to know your visitors' inclinations, dietary restrictions, and other details to anticipate their needs.

Know every alcohol and specialty cuisine that is available inside and out. Regularly evaluate and replenish wine and spirit collections.

Pour drinks and provide food to visitors.

Get in touch with housekeeping to make sure that rooms are cleaned when it's most convenient for visitors.

When needed, run errands for the visitors.

Make sure the guest rooms are tidy and clean as needed.

Suggest and set up amenities for visitors

As guests go, bid them farewell and make sure you always look presentable.

Stay informed about all hotel safety and hygiene regulations.

Carry out all responsibilities with tact, professionalism, and a smile.