A Countdown of Dubai’s Best French Fries

A Countdown of Dubai’s Best French Fries

A serving of fries? Instead, we advise making them the center of attention. These "crisp on the exterior, soft and fluffy on the inside" fries have everything needed to entice your taste senses even by themselves. Yet, it doesn't mean that you can't add a tonne of goodness to your fries to elevate them to a whole new level. You name it: pickles, shredded chicken, dipping sauces, cheese-topped garnishes, and jalapenos! Beginning to yearn for those cherished potato wonders? If so, you'll like our list of  Dubai's best French fries!

Where In Dubai Can You Find the Best French Fries?

This list offers everything you could desire, whether you want to indulge yourself in more extravagant foods or enjoy budget-friendly french-fried treats.

 Countdown of Dubai’s Best French Fries

New York Fries

For your fill of French fries, visit New York Fries. This business has stores all across the city and specializes in fries. The chips themselves come in a variety of flavors, from basic with a sprinkling of salt to drench in gravy and cheese like typical Canadian poutine, and their portions are large. Both the Dubai Mall and your preferred meal delivery apps sell NY Fries.

  • Fries cost AED 19 and above.


Smoky Jar Fries at Falla

This trendy eatery in Jumeirah's City Walk merits a position on our list of the city's top  countdown of Dubai's best French fries. While the restaurant provides a broad selection of fries to pair with its delectable burgers, its Smoky Jar Fries may be its claim to fame. This incredible meal drips with cheese.

The Smoky Jar Fries are topped with cheese-covered, smoked beef that has been drenched in a hot caramel sauce. The flavor explosion on your tongue is breathtaking, and the fries look just as delicious as they taste.

  • The cost of the fries is AED 32.
  • Location: Phase One, Al Safa Road, 3 City Walk, Al Safa
  • Call us at +971-4-333-0039.


Angry Fries at Blaze Burgers

One of Dubai's top eateries, Blaze Burgers, has received praise. In this well-known restaurant, though, the epically piled fries are just as famous as the big and flavorful burgers. to be exact, the Furious Fries.

Pick how you want your fries sliced, then let the BB chefs top them with cheese, jalapenos, and beef chili. Depending on your heat tolerance, you may pick between moderate, hot, and inferno.

Make sure you don't miss out on these premium  French fries in Dubai whenever the restaurant reopens! They are also available for ordering via the apps for meal delivery.

  • The cost of the fries is AED 28.
  • Location: JBR's the Walk
  • Phone: (600) 599-599


Fries at Logma

One of the greatest Arabic restaurants in Dubai, Logma tries out Khaleeji cuisine and puts a fresh twist on traditional meals. They serve their traditional cut French fries with a mixture of fried Arabian herbs and Khaleeji spices. These French fries are unique in Dubai.

  • The cost of the fries is AED 32.
  • Location: The Dubai Mall, Floor 3, New Expansion, Downtown Dubai
  • Call us at +971-800-56462.


Boca Potato Chips

The French fries at this upscale DIFC  french fries restaurant serving Spanish cuisine get the same care and attention as their mouthwatering main courses. The fries at Boca are always thick-cut and well-done. Afterward, whatever popular sauces you want, are poured over the fries. The options include traditional Truffle Mayo in addition to Aioli and Bravas sauce.

  • Fries cost between AED 55 and AED 70.
  • Location: Gate Village 6, DIFC, First Floor
  • Call (971) 4-323-1833


Parmesan Truffle Fries At the Observatory

Perhaps of Dubai's most upscale French fries are the Parmesan Truffle fries served at The Observatory. These delicious morsels are served with black pepper mayo, spicy ketchup, and maple chipotle. The Observatory fries are ideal if you don't mind spending a bit extra money on something genuinely delectable even if they are a touch on the pricey side.


 Countdown of Dubai’s Best French Fries

  • The cost of the fries is AED 70.
  • Location: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Boulevard, Dubai Marina, 52nd floor of the Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites
  • Call us at +971-4-319-4000.


Fries at Potaters

Gather, potato lovers; you've discovered your new home away from home. Potter is a well-liked restaurant that specializes in all things potatoes. It was founded by Miguel Andonni Valle and Ma. Veronica Jayme of the Pine Tree Cafeteria. These people have mastered the art of generating unbeatably great fries, from form to flavor. The seven delicious flavors available to customers include sour cream, cheese, ketchup, pizza, barbecue, za'atar, and spicy. Za'atar, a well-liked Arabic spice blend, is a menu staple and the ideal complement to Potaters' crisp yet delicate fries. Oh, and don't overlook the excellent calamari and chicken poppers!

  • Fries cost AED 14 and above.
  • Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Souq Extra
  • Call us at +971-55-970-0618.


Curly Fries at Original Wings & Rings

Popular among foodies seeking a truly American experience is Original Wings & Rings. OW&R's traditional curly fries add even more deliciousness to a menu bursting with great comfort cuisine! One of the  best French fries in Dubai, the fries are blended with Southern-style seasonings to provide the ideal flavor and texture.

  • The cost of the fries is AED 23.
  • Location: Liberty House Level C, DIFC
  • Call us at +971-4-359-6900.


Loaded Fries at Urban Bar & Kitchen

This Business Bay bar is a terrific place to go on a day when you want to pamper yourself and spend a little more money. One of the greatest vegan burgers in Dubai can be found at Urban Bar & Kitchen, a restaurant renowned for its delectable and healthful menu selections. But that's not what we're after! You just cannot miss their finger-licking-good-loaded fries.

Choose from a variety of toppings; for something a little unusual, get the cheese rarebit with red onion chutney and chili. Get French fries with cheese and gravy sauce to keep things simple.

  • The cost of the fries is AED 75.
  • Location: Cluster a, Floor B1, Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Call us at +971-4-438-0000.


Cajun Fries at Five Guys

One of the top burger restaurants in Dubai is Five Guys. If you want to spice things up, try the Cajun Fries the next time you eat here rather than the regular fries. The regular hand-cut French fry recipe at Five Guys gets an added flavor boost by mixing in Cajun spice with salt and pepper. Your simple fries will become a mouthwatering burst of flavors thanks to the extra spices.

  • Fries start at AED 18 and go up.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which French Fried Are Healthy?

According to studies, baked fries are preferable to fried ones.

Which Stores in Dubai Sell Frozen Fries?

The majority of the renowned supermarkets in Dubai sell frozen fries.

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