Discover Sanad Village in the Sustainable City

Discover Sanad Village in the Sustainable City

Sanad Village is a rehabilitation and education facility for persons of will in Dubai that is tucked away in The Sustainable City. Using result-driven, scientifically validated approaches and treatments, the institution provides assistance and training. Experts in special education and learning teach willful individuals and their families how to meet their requirements. We provide you with a comprehensive guide to Sanad Village in Dubai if you want to learn more about its programs, packages, and amenities.

Facilities at Sanad Village, Dubai

Sanad Village, one of the world's biggest facilities for the full treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, is spread out across 30,000 square meters (ASD). People with exceptional needs are educated in addition to receiving therapy.

Sanad Village provides a range of facilities to support students' successful and seamless integration into the neighborhood. This health resort in The Sustainable City offers several indoor and outdoor spaces for physical activity, social interaction, and sensory stimulation.

Residential boarding flats in Sanad Village provide full-time residents with beautiful outdoor views and around-the-clock care. Sanad Village even gives a place for persons of determination coming from outside the UAE.

What Can You Find In Sanad Village Dubai


Three distinct educational programs are available at Sanad Village, each of which aims to help students improve their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical abilities. The programs differ according to age restrictions and other requirements.

The programs offered in Sanad Village Dubai are listed below.

The Early Intervention Program is designed for kids aged two to eight and is based on ABA principles.



The elementary program, which uses the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) theory and Board Certified Behavior Analysts, is open to children between the ages of eight and thirteen (BCBA). Further helping with this curriculum are special educators, and speech, occupational, and language therapists.

The vocational program gives pupils a taste of real life and is intended for young people 13 and older. Simple exercises that may improve their skills and support them in leading healthy, independent lives are taught to them. Based on their preferences, strengths, and areas of interest, students are placed in jobs.

In addition to conventional academic programs, Sanad Village provides sports and horseback riding excursions.



In Sanad Village, therapy is an ongoing component of medical treatment. The growth and well-being of the kid are continuously monitored by therapists and professionals.


Training Programmes

In Dubai, Sanad Village provides a variety of training programs.

The training program for professionals is more healthy and educational, while the session for parents takes a little more of a fundamental approach.

An individual paraprofessional certificate is available via the training for professionals. The training, which is referred to as The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), emphasizes behavior analysis. Graduates of the program may assist in providing behavior analysis services while being supervised by a knowledgeable coordinator.

Moreover, professionals may enroll in the following programs:

A 20-hour training course that provides an introduction to applied behavior analysis and its guiding principles is called the ABA Foundation Certificate Course.

The credentials of a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) include a 40-hour training program including RBT seminars.


Training Programmes

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine blends traditional and individualized methods to treat patients with a patient-centered approach that emphasizes prevention and root cause identification. Sanad Village's treatment involves both laboratory tests and other components, such as:



Purification procedures

When the patient is experiencing allergy symptoms, NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) pressure points will be activated.

KST (Korean Specific Technique) is used to realign the cranial bones and treat speech or movement deficits.

  • Language Therapy
  • Workplace Therapy
  • Physical Exercise
  • Behavioral Treatment using CBT
  • 24-Hour Medical Support

Sanad Village provides round-the-clock medical assistance to its employees, visitors, patients, and residents! The institution has a full-time general practitioner (GP), a pediatric nurse, and a medical support staff on-site.

Sanad Village Dubai Packages


Outreach Day Programme

The Outreach Day Program seeks to maximize students' potential and promote their development. The project offers education, lodging, medical assistance, and parenting training.



Students may study, socialize, and play in a supportive setting at Sanad Village in Dubai. Each class on campus has a maximum of four students, enabling instructors to give each kid the attention they need. Two ABA-trained support staff members and a general and special education RBT attend to the needs of the pupils in a classroom. Ultimately, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst oversees the program (BCBA).

Nurses offer the students with round-the-clock care and assistance under the direction of a general practitioner and a pediatrician who has completed DHA training.



Moreover, meals that follow a nutritionist's recommendations are offered to students in early integration and elementary programs.

Boarding School Programme

The Boarding School Program provides kids with round-the-clock attention. Modern campus facilities and qualified personnel serve students enrolled in this program. Sanad Village's boarding program encompasses every aspect of care, from education to housing, much like the Outreach Day Program does.



Each class in the boarding school program has a maximum of four pupils. All lessons are overseen by a general/special education RBT and two ABA-certified staff members.

During 40 hours, trained experts give students their full attention (From 08:00 am – 04:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday)



Sanad Village provides students with a luxurious, five-star residential environment and around-the-clock clinical staff care. A general practitioner, a pediatrician certified by the DHA, and nurses provide the patient treatment and assistance around-the-clock.




What Do the Sanad Village Fees Mean?

The Early Intervention Programme (EIP), the Elementary Programme (EP), and the Vocational Programme are three of Sanad's Integrated Classroom Therapy programs. The cost is determined by the program type you choose. To get the full cost schedule, you may phone them or go to their center.

Do the People of Sanad Village Collaborate With Other Units to Develop Better Treatment Methods?

Sanad Village's R&D department works with other internal departments to develop more effective methods of treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The R&D section interacts with families and provides them with training in both the workplace and school. The world's top practitioners collaborate with Sanad Village to use the most cutting-edge and potent therapies to treat ASD symptoms.

Is It Possible For My Child to Stay At Sanad Village for a Day or Two without Yet Registering As a Resident?

Absolutely, yes! Sanad Village provides short-term housing for kids, but parents must notify the relevant authorities in advance if they wish their kids to remain over the night.

Does Sanad Village Provide a Means of Transportation?

Sanad Village charges extra for its transportation services.

Do Students of All Ability Levels Get Accepted By Sanad Village?

Indeed, children of all abilities are welcomed at Sanad Village.

Can Students from All Nations Enroll At Sanad Village?

Sanad Village is an all-inclusive area inviting all students, irrespective of their countries.

Our analysis of Sanad Village is now complete. Despite being regarded as a refuge for kids with special needs, you may also visit the Dubai Early Childhood Development Centre (DECDC), which is geared towards kids with congenital diseases.

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