Great Dubai | 300 AED Bed Space in Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai

Great Dubai | 300 AED Bed Space in Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai

Dubai is a synonym of luxury and style. It offers the challenge for travelers and work persons to find affordable bed space. Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai offer budget-friendly options. It provides various options, including amenities, and the price starts from 300 AED. These areas are famous for their vibrant streets and rich culture. Moreover, it is a good option for budget-conscious people. So, prepare to explore diverse communities for cheap 300 AED bed space in Dubai. 

7 Best 300 AED Bed Spaces in Deira and Bur Dubai

Following are some of the places with private and partitioned 300 AED bed space in Dubai:

Hor Al Anz, Deira

It is located in the heart of Deira. So, if you want a cheap 300 AED bed space in Deira, check it out. Hor Al Anz offers cheap bed spaces. Moreover, it is near the Deira city center and Al Ghurair Center. This area provides easy access to shopping destinations and dining places. Furthermore, you can easily reach out for public transportation. Get ready to find attractive and cheap options for convenient bed space.

Al Muteena, Deira

One more affordable option for 300 AED bed space in Deira is Al Muteena. It is a hot favorite option for budget-conscious. You can choose from the shared apartments and dormitories. Moreover, these are available for flexible rental duration. The hotels and apartments include high-speed WIFI and a laundry facility. Furthermore, you can enjoy the lounge and kitchen facilities. 

Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai

Al Fahidi is a cultural hub and tourist attraction. But it is also famous for business opportunities as well. The Old World Charm offers cheap bed spaces for around 300 AED. You can enjoy the shared apartments and private rooms as well. The hostels there come up with the basic amenities. The best part is that it is near the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort. This area offers affordability and cultural insight as well. 

Al Karama, Bur Dubai

Al Karama is famous for its bustling streets and vibrant markets. There are many job options as well. Bur Dubai is considered the melting pot of culture and style. Budget-conscious travelers find the place a paradise. They can fund 300 AED in bed space in Bur Dubai. It is close to the famous and attractive areas of Dubai. 

Al Raffa, Bur Dubai

Al Raffa is just close to Dubai Creek. It offers the perfect blend of charm and advanced technology. The cheap bed spaces here are well furnished. You can choose from the shared accommodations and dormitories. These apartments suit your budget, which is 300 AED bed space. So, get ready for the nearby strolling of the water promenade. Explore the closely located markets without breaking the bank. 

Naif, Deira

If you are seeking genuinely authentic taste in Dubai, choose Naif. It offers a glimpse of the city's beauty and busy streets. Moreover, when you live here, you can enjoy the beautiful views. You can easily find many of the 300 AED bed spaces in Dubai. Gold and spice souls are closely located in Naif. So, remember to skip this location if you are a shopping lover from the markets. 

Al Rigga, Deira

Al Rigga is famous for its nightlife and commercial district. You can easily find the affordable 300 AED bed space in this district. The apartments in the area have all the basic amenities and cost as low as 300 AED. You can explore nearby locations like the Clock Tower and Dubai Creek. It is a place where you find a calm environment. Don't panic; you can easily find a cheap bed space in Al Rigga. 

Tips for Finding the Affordable Bed Space in Dubai

Follow the following insider tips for affordable bed space in Dubai:

  • Check out the websites like Dubizzle and Property Finder for better options. 
  • Ask for some suggestions from your friends and family.
  • Check out the notices for bed spaces mentioned in cafes and grocery stores. 
  • Try to share the bed space with roommates for a more budget-friendly option. 


Deira and Bur Dubai are the two most famous places in Dubai. You can easily find cheap bed spaces in the area. Don't settle for less. Follow the insider tops for affordable bed spaces in Dubai. So, pack your bags and prepare to explore Deira and Bur Dubai. 

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Are the utility bills included in the rental charges for the bed spaces?

No, you only have the basic amenities. You pay the rest of the utilities. But you can find some bed spaces with utilities as well. 

Can we find out the bed space for only females in Deira?

Yes, Dubai is very famous for its security and safety. You can easily find out the bed space for only females. 

Can I find a bed space for solo travelers? 

You can trust Dubai security and book your solo bed space anywhere. 

Can I rent a bed space for a specific rental period?

Yes, you can enjoy the flexible rental duration, like one day. 

Should I pay the security deposit before getting the bed space in Bur Dubai?

Yes, you have to pay the security deposit in advance. But it is to be returned when you leave the apartment. 

Are there any additional amenities included in the bed spaces in Deira?

WIFI, kitchen lounge, and laundry are included in the rental charges. You have to confirm the rest for better information.

Can I negotiate the rental charge for the accommodation?

Negotiation is only acceptable if you stay for a long-term rental, like a year or a few months. Fewer periods don't require negotiation. 

These bed spaces are completely safe for females.


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