Most Popular Places in Dubai to Rent Expensive and Cheap Villas

Most Popular Places in Dubai to Rent Expensive and Cheap Villas


Villa rentals are a somewhat popular option for renters in Dubai. The abundance of facilities available, such as well-kept gardens and villas to rent in Dubai with private pools, as well as the added privacy and space, are some of the main reasons why there is an increase in demand for villas. You're likely to discover the ideal spot with the variety of residential homes accessible around the emirate.

So, based on Great Dubai's combined H1 2021 Dubai Rental Market Report, we disclose the list of the most sought-after locations to rent villas in Dubai for you and your family.


Villas for Rent in Dubai

In Dubai, there is a wide selection of rental villas at various pricing ranges. Keep in mind that every villa community has its atmosphere and surroundings. Regardless of whether the themed architecture or the quality of the shared amenities dazzle you, you must exercise due research before signing those documents.

Our ranking of the best neighborhoods in Dubai for renting villas might help you get started in your quest for the ideal residence. Affordable and luxurious villas for rent are the two categories into which our data experts at GreatDubai have divided the material.

popular places to rent cheap and expensive villas


Researching For Luxury Villas in Dubai

These areas are the most sought-after by high-income renters in the city if you want an exquisite, roomy villa in an elite neighborhood.



Jumeirah is at the top of our list of locations to rent villas in Dubai when it comes to the wealthiest residential areas in the city. Due to its location near beaches, dining establishments, and shopping centers, Jumeirah's rental villas provide residents with an exciting way of life. Yet, it also provides all you need to raise a family, including parks, schools, and medical facilities.

The cheap villa for rent in Dubai monthly in Jumeirah for a 3-bed property is AED 173k. For a 4 or 5-bed villa for rent, the average asking price rises to AED 224k and AED 318k, respectively. Jumeirah is a well-liked alternative for individuals looking for cheap villas to rent in Dubai due to the variety of options available.


Al Barsha

An established neighborhood, Al Barsha has seen several modifications in the last ten years. Together with a wide range of eateries, retail centers, and hotels, the expansive, mixed-use neighborhood is home to some of the most well-liked commercial and residential complexes in the city. Moreover, Al Barsha's rental villas are conveniently located, well-connected to main roads, and offer rapid access to the public transit system. It should come as no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after locations in Dubai for villa rentals.

An average 3-bed home in Al Barsha costs AED 166k per month to rent. The average cost rises to AED 217k for a bigger 4-bed home in Al Barsha. Similarly to that, an average 5-bed villa's yearly rent is AED 312k.


Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim has subtly developed into one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods, spanning the picturesque Jumeirah Beach Road. Due to the neighborhood's reputation as one of the most pedestrian- and pet-friendly places, the big homes are in high demand. Moreover, there are reputable foreign schools, nurseries, doctors, supermarkets, and family parks nearby. Why not take a trip to the neighboring Kite Beach if you're searching for a fun place to spend some time with friends and family?

Expect to spend, on average, AED 170k to rent a luxurious 3-bed home in Umm Suqeim. For a property with four bedrooms, the average asking rent might reach AED 230k. In contrast, Umm Suqeim has an average rent of AED 349k for 5-bed homes.



Mirdif is a great option if you're trying to find a cheap villa to rent in Dubai. The thing that sets this place apart is the fact that it combines contemporary conveniences with old-town charm. Mirdif is the ideal place to raise a family because of its luxuriant greenery and well-constructed houses.

In Mirdif, the average cost to rent a 3-bed villa is AED 84k. For 4 and 5-bed villas, respectively, the average rent increases to AED 107k and AED 112k.


Akoya Oxygen

Following on our list of the most well-liked locations in Dubai to rent a villa is Akoya Oxygen. There will be many possibilities available to you since this region will eventually house more than 10,000 villas. For a better understanding of the layouts, you may also look through Akoya Oxygen floor plans in 2D and 3D versions. The community's emphasis on living sustainably is its strongest point of attraction. Large green parks and well-groomed streets surround the villas for rent in Akoya Oxygen, providing a relaxed, family-friendly living.

Akoya Oxygen has some of Dubai's most affordable villas because of its fiercely competitive rents. At Akoya Oxygen, a three-bedroom villa rents for an average of AED 51,000. An extra-large 4-bed villa will cost, on average, AED 77k. Comparable to this, 5-bed villas for rent in Akoya Oxygen cost around AED 81k.

popular places to rent cheap villas and expensive villas



Where In Dubai Can I Find Villas With Good Returns On Investment?

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To determine which community in popular Dubai will provide you with the most value, you can also look at our in-depth research of typical costs per square foot there.

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This concludes our examination of Dubai's prime villa rental neighborhoods. There is a tonne of fantastic possibilities, but it's crucial to thoroughly consider your selections before deciding. While looking at rental villas, we advise deciding on your preferences, establishing your budget, and learning more about the locations you want to live.

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