The top Mercedes-Benz rental cars in Dubai Marina

The top Mercedes-Benz rental cars in Dubai Marina

The best place to hire a Mercedes in Dubai is through Great Dubai. From our exclusive network of suppliers, pick from a wide selection of AMG editions. Save on commission and booking fees by booking directly. We promise a wonderful driving experience in a Mercedes G-wagon in the Emirates at the best possible price!

Why opt for a MERCEDES vehicle?

The MERCEDES is a full-size sports utility vehicle that is exquisite and attractive (SUV The unmatched elegance of G Class cars is perfectly complemented by the interior room and comfort. Given its large seats and premium exterior, this SUV is ideal for families and business travelers. It also boasts outstanding off-road skills. When purchasing a Mercedes G Wagon, the best experience is ensured for the driver as well as the passengers in the back seat. Renting a Mercedes in Dubai By using Great to book your rental, you'll benefit from quick access to the best rates available on the market for automobiles. You have access to numerous deals for a variety of brand-new, most recent G-class SUV models. High-quality pictures of the car are included in the verified ads, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get.


Additionally, you can filter deals according on your preferences for the model, time frame, and area you want, then select the offer that best meets your needs.  We also offer free delivery to your door to make sure you have a hassle-free overall customer experience. Hire a car in Dubai today through the top online vehicle rental service in the UAE! In Dubai, 

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What kinds of Mercedes Benz MERCEDESs are available for rent? 

Great Dubai collaborates with a number of international vehicle rental agencies. We work closely with a big number of upscale car rental agencies in Dubai. Various engine sizes and extra features, such as GPS navigation, safety features, and performance upgrades, are available in the cars you can choose from.  There are various cutting-edge 4x4 SUV models of the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon available. Mercedes Benz AMG MERCEDES versions come in a variety of styles, including the newest 2022 model.


Contact our vendors who have featured a Mercedes Benz if you're seeking for a rare Mercedes Benz car model.  They might be willing to meet your unique requests.

What is the Mercedes rental rate in Dubai?

The cost to rent a Mercedes Benz in Dubai ranges from AED 700 to AED 2000 per day and from AED 16,000 to AED 18,000 per month, depending on the type. Naturally, the cost of newer, better versions is more than that of previous models. Nevertheless, as you'll be renting the car directly from the car rental company, you can be guaranteed to find the lowest car rental costs exclusively on Great, free of commission and booking fees.

Why is it advised to drive a Mercedes Benz MERCEDES in Dubai?

Mercedes Benz automobiles are most renowned for its roomy interior, increased legroom, cutting-edge driving, and safety features.  MERCEDES rental car from Dubai Marina to Abu Dhabi? You can, indeed! Most visitors visiting Abu Dhabi and other emirates rent a luxury SUV from Dubai, usually a MERCEDES. The UAE can best be explored in this manner. Car rental businesses allow customers to drive their vehicles anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, excluding a few places like Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Jais, and desert regions.

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Plan out your drives in advance using Google Maps. If you're visiting the Grand Mosque, the Louvre, or Yes Marina, consider renting for two or more days to reduce the additional mileage cost you'll incur. Since most automobile rentals have a 250 km daily mileage cap, especially on expensive and sports cars. The distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is about 150 kilometers, thus your return trip will probably take you over 300 kilometers. Best practice: Consult the car rental company for suggestions on your travel itinerary. There may be other mileage plans available.

Which navigation/driving apps are suggested in the United Arab Emirates?

 The official navigation app for Dubai has a tone of features.

It is available for use in both English and Arabic. Even a mobile internet connection is not required for its search and navigation.

What is included and excluded from the rental fee?

What is contained: The rental fee includes the standard mileage cap Basic insurance for third parties is also included, as required by RTA laws. For a Mercedes Benz vehicle, the cost of delivery and pickup within Dubai is already factored into the rental cost. Additionally, free baby/child seats are available upon request, pending availability. What is omitted: Fuel, salik (toll fees), parking or valet fees, excess mileage fees, and VAT are omitted, therefore the consumer is still responsible for paying for such costs as they are incurred. Make care to fill up the car to the same level before returning it. At the time of return, Salik at AED 5 per crossing is levied for the rental period. Additionally, any traffic tickets received during the rental time are the customer's responsibility. According to UAE law, 5% VAT (value added tax) is charged on the rental sum. Full coverage insurance, second driver coverage, and additional mileage packages are some of the optional services that you can add to the rental agreement.

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There are several advantages to a renting Mercedes Benz with Great Dubai. You get to evaluate offers from various automobile rental companies for the vehicle of your choice. Choose the best offer on the market in less than five minutes. Find the most up-to-date and uncommon automobile models of your dreams at incredibly low prices with free delivery throughout Dubai.  A daily mileage allowance of 250 km is also yours, in addition to free insurance. We also offer free delivery to your door in Dubai.