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Explore Best Jobs for Women in Dubai

Explore Best Jobs for Women in Dubai

In a rapidly advancing nation like the UAE, discerning the array of career opportunities available to women can be quite challenging. The constant transformation and growth can be overwhelming! But if you're a woman seeking an exhilarating and fulfilling career in Dubai, we bring you exciting news: there is a multitude of jobs for women in Dubai awaiting you.

In this blog post, we will delve into some of the most jobs in Dubai . With a thriving economy and a diverse workforce, Dubai offers an ideal backdrop for women to initiate and cultivate their careers.

Exploring the Best jobs for Women in Dubai

In a swiftly evolving metropolis such as Dubai, numerous opportunities beckon women to forge successful careers. Thanks to its robust economy and diverse employment landscape, Dubai serves as an excellent starting point for women to nurture their professional journeys. The United Arab Emirates, a captivating nation that draws people from across the globe, has seen its city of Dubai emerge as one of the world's most rapidly expanding business hubs.

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Can women work in Dubai?

Fortunately, the answer is affirmative as there are plenty of jobs in dubai for women. Women do have the opportunity to work in the UAE, although non-locals must acquire a work permit. Additionally, all women are required to secure permission from their husbands or, if applicable, from their father, who may still serve as their legal guardian.

While there is room for improvement in terms of gender equality in the UAE, women can still access well-paying job opportunities. Here are some of the top career paths for working in Dubai as a woman:

Banking and Finance

Dubai is home to a multitude of international banks and financial institutions, offering abundant prospects for women to thrive in this sector. Local banks and financial firms also eagerly welcome talented and ambitious women.


As one of the world's most technologically advanced cities, Dubai provides an exceptional platform for women. However, there are some of the best Information Technology companies to work in dubai as women to pursue careers in the tech sector, ranging from web development to software engineering.


Dubai's retail industry is flourishing, with new shopping malls and stores perpetually emerging. This dynamic landscape presents excellent career opportunities for women interested in roles such as retail management or sales.


Fueled by a thriving tourism industry, Dubai continually requires qualified hospitality professionals. Women with experience in hotel management, event planning, or customer service will discover a wealth of career options in this field.


Given its expanding population, Dubai boasts a growing demand for educators across all levels, from early childhood to higher education. Women with teaching experience or qualifications will find an array of exciting career avenues within Dubai's education sector as it is one of the highest paying jobs Dubai.

Some highest paid jobs in UAE

If you're seeking lucrative job options, here are the top highest paying jobs in Dubai for women, along with their approximate annual earnings:

Special Education Teacher: Approximately AED 205,200 yearly.

Architecture: Approximately AED 214,800 yearly.

Fitness Trainer: Approximately AED 184,800 yearly.

Flight Attendant: Approximately AED 166,800 yearly.

Nurse: Approximately AED 190,800 yearly.

Sales Representative: Approximately AED 154,800 yearly.

Receptionist: Approximately AED 117,600 yearly.

Customer Service Representative: Approximately AED 94,800 yearly.

Waitress: Approximately AED 70,800 yearly.

Travel Agent: Approximately AED 150,000 yearly.

Best Companies for Women to Work in Dubai

Numerous companies in Dubai are renowned for their dedication to diversity and inclusion, offering a supportive and empowering work environment for women. Some of the best companies to work for in Dubai that stand out for women-friendly workplaces may include:

·         Emirates

·         Google

·         IBM

·         EY

·         Deloitte

Before applying in jobs for women in Dubai, it's advisable to research a company's policies and practices related to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, consider reaching out to current or former employees to gain insights into the company's work culture and opportunities for women.

Benefits of Working in Dubai for Women

Jobs for women in Dubai offers a multitude of advantages for women. Among the most prominent benefits is the absence of income tax, resulting in salaries that can be up to 30% higher than those in other countries. Furthermore, Dubai provides abundant opportunities for professional growth and networking. Moreover, thanks to its thriving community of international organizations and businesses, thus creating a cosmopolitan environment for female professionals.

Dubai also excels in providing an optimal work-life balance for women. The city boasts an array of leisure and recreational activities, alongside exceptional childcare and educational facilities. Safety is paramount in Dubai, ensuring that women feel secure when navigating the city alone or using public transportation. All in all, working in Dubai offers numerous perks for women, enabling them to advance their careers while enjoying a high standard of living.

Challenges of Working in Dubai for Women

However, working in Dubai does come with its challenges, especially for women. One of the foremost challenges is the limited gender diversity in the workforce, with women constituting only around a quarter of the workforce. Many women find themselves in low-paying positions, making it challenging to secure well-compensated roles.

Another obstacle of working in Dubai as a woman is the lack of workplace protections. Dubai lacks laws mandating maternity leave or flexible work hours, and sexual harassment is not explicitly prohibited by law. These factors make it tough for women to balance their professional and family responsibilities, rendering them more susceptible to employer exploitation.

Working in Dubai as a woman can also be isolating for women, as opportunities for socializing with other women outside of work are limited. This isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness and ennui, potentially affecting motivation at work.

How Women Can Excel in Their jobs in Dubai

To excel in their Dubai careers, women can adopt several strategies. One effective approach is to join organizations or companies offering mentorship or leadership programs tailored to women. These initiatives aid women in acquiring the skills and knowledge essential for success in their chosen fields. Networking with accomplished women in Dubai can also prove highly beneficial to grab jobs in Dubai for women.

Success hinges on confidence and assertiveness in career pursuits. Women should stay well-informed about industry developments and trends. By taking initiative and showcasing dedication, women can demonstrate their capability and commitment to employers. With diligence and determination, women can achieve remarkable success in their Dubai careers.


Dubai presents a myriad of appealing career options for working in Dubai as a woman, spanning diverse sectors like business, healthcare, and education. Regardless of individual interests or skillsets. Moreover, Dubai likely offers a fitting career path for women and attain best paying jobs in Dubai. With its burgeoning economy and commitment to gender equality, Dubai stands as an exceptional platform for women to cultivate thriving careers. For those contemplating a move to Dubai, thorough research into the best career opportunities for women is crucial, enabling them to leverage their talents and skills to the fullest extent.


1. Is it easy for women to find job opportunities in Dubai?

Contrary to common misconceptions, Dubai offers ample employment prospects for women, with many asserting that the opportunities surpass those in many Western countries.

2. What are some of the most suitable job options for females in Dubai?

Some of the most suited jobs for women in Dubai are hair stylist, fashion production operations executive, fashion sales associate, salon manager, sales manager in a luxury women's boutique at Dubai mall, and sales associate.

3. Is Dubai a favorable destination for female workers?

Dubai is considered a welcoming destination for working women. It boasts career opportunities and maintains a strong emphasis on safety. The UAE, including Dubai, has garnered recognition as one of the safest countries globally, with Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah ranking among the top ten cities with the lowest crime rates.

4. Does Emirates hire women?

Certainly, Emirates Group actively promotes gender diversity, with more than 23,000 women making up 41% of the total workforce employed by Emirates worldwide and dnata in the UAE.

5. Can housewives work in Dubai?

Yes, apart from obtaining an employment visa, women in Dubai can also work under their husband's sponsorship. Married spouses can sponsor each other for a residence visa in the UAE, although this visa does not serve as a work permit.

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