Are child car seats available with rental cars in Dubai?

Are child car seats available with rental cars in Dubai?

Thirdly, the concern with orphaned young children rises because one has to guarantee their safety whenever they travel. This is due to what I refer to as the opposite child car seats which include: This article aims to guide anyone who plans to travel to Dubai and who intends to rent a car in Dubai, and be aware of the types of child car seats that they offer.

Child Car Seat Availability

Child car seats are available in all major car rentals in Dubai as part of extra amenities’ service offering. Some of the companies that fall under this category include; Hertz, avis, and budget International car rental companies and Diamond lease and Thrifty local car rental companies. These firms know the dangers associated with children being in cars and usually stock different car seats in various sizes for different ages.

How do I Get a Child Car Seat?

Since child car seats come along with your rental car agreement it is preferred that you should pre-book before picking up the car. In the course of online booking, car rental companies often offer a choice regarding the inclusion of child car seats in the process. The other way requires you to contact the rental company either through phone or via email to ask for an application. Then you want to try and make this request a few days before your trip just in case other problems come up at the last minute.

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Kinds of Car Seats That Exist

Car rental companies in Dubai offer three types of child car seats. They have infant, convertible, booster, and harness seats. These are infant, convertible, booster, and harness seats. Baby car seats are for babies up to two years or a certain weight. The weight depends on the type. The seats still have a rear-facing position. Toddler car seats are for toddlers. Once the child has outgrown the rear facing position, you can use the seat facing the rear or front. Booster seats are for those children who are bigger than they used to be when they were being baptized in their cars but are still too young to sit properly on their own in a car.

Cost and Quality Considerations

Renting costs of child car seats also depend on the type of car rental company that a person wants to hire from and the days they intend to hire for. It is likely to cost between thirty and fifty AEDs per day depending on the extent of coverage. However, it should be noted that this is an added expense but in the interest of ensuring your child’s safety and comfort then it is worth it to spend more. Furthermore, most car rental services in Dubai are very clean and some of them use a short-term car seat cleanliness checklist to avoid situations where clients hire their vehicles and later realize the car seats are not in good shape.

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Legal Factors and Quality Control

In Dubai, a legal requirement regulates the use of car seats for children below the age of four years and they must be restrained in an appropriate car seat within a car. These regulations are adhered to by rental car service providers through providing car seats that have been certified to conform to international safety requirements. First, you need to ensure that the car seat is secured in the vehicle and that your child is comfortable in it before setting off.

Tips for Avoiding Car Seats Rentals

Finally, if you have no interest in acquiring a car seat for rental, you have other alternatives. Self-employed car seats from home which are familiar, reducing concerns about their conditions and conformity to the standard safety measures. First of all, it should be mentioned that many airlines allow car seats to be checked in for free or take them into the aircraft as carry-on baggage if it is allowed.


It is easy to rent a car with a child car seat in Dubai because most firms offer this particular service. Hence by arranging in advance and getting a car seat booked you can avoid the problem and at the same time it will also help your child to travel with comfort and safety. While deciding whether to hire a car seat or use your own here are some things you should know, despite this renting or carrying your own car seat, you must first ensure safety regulations and standards of traveling in Dubai are met to ensure safe traveling for your kid.