Are GPS Systems Included with Rental Cars in Dubai?

Are GPS Systems Included with Rental Cars in Dubai?

Well, Dubai is a great city where many things are large and there are lots of tall structures and busy roads. The city is a hub for both business and leisure, and this coupled with the fact that the population changes constantly means that it can be quite complicated to get around if it is your first time in Dubai. To localize the situation, some of the rental cars are equipped with GPS devices. -Yikes! Well, let us learn more about this!

Are GPS Systems Included?

Whether a rental car in Dubai includes a GPS depends on the rental company and the specific vehicle. Laptop, DVD player, music and navigation system: Some of the rentals contain GPS within their cars, more so, the elegant and costly models. They would like you to be able to navigate around the city to get lost or feel confused.

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Optional GPS Rentals

However, in many cases of normal or economy class cars, the GPS could be counter fitted or not present at all as a standard equipment. But don’t worry! When renting a car in Dubai, you need to know some basic things. Most rental firms will let you rent a GPS for a small fee. It will be wise to request a GPS either at the time of booking the car or at the time of picking up the car. The added cost is normally not expensive and can be of great assistance if you have no orientation especially if you are in a new location.

GPS-Equipped Cars

Some cars limit a GPS system within the car that can be operated by the driver of the car. It implies that you will not have to spend more cash on a different GPS gadget on top of the auto GPS one that you already own. These cars belong to the middle to high price segment, mainly because the maximum speed allowed is combined with high fuel consumption. To avoid such problems, one should ask the rental company whether they have such cars and whether the services of such cars cost more.

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Using Your Smartphone

In the modern world, navigation has become a well-developed approach, and most people locate themselves by utilizing smartphones. Public transport is also well established in the city, and smartphones with applications like Google Maps or Waze might be useful to navigate around places in Dubai. Car rental companies for example provide phone chargers and holders for this reason so as to enable an individual to use the phone safely while driving.

How much do they cost?

The rental costs for a GPS system differ with some facilities charging a fee while others offer their service for free. Some providers set rates per day, while others will offer a certain degree of discount when you book the car for a certain period. One should also focus on the prices and if there is any offer available on the travel website.

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Why GPS is Important for Visitors

When in Dubai, having a GPS system can be of great help especially when one is lost or has little direction on where to go. The main and small roads in the city have complex networks which may really cause confusion and need the compass of the GPS. This way, you need not make a separate attempt to figure out directions or end up giving wrong directions.

Booking a GPS

Consequently, it is recommendable to ask for a GPS when making a car booking to ensure you are supplied with one. We often need GPS devices during these periods, so it is always important to book ahead so that you can secure the necessary tools. All companies that rent bikes allow their clients to book accessories online and it does not take much time.

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In sum, GPS is not standard equipment on most car rental companies’ fleets in Dubai, however, it is an option if desired. Some cars offer it others allow you to add one in for the price of a few dollars more. If you can rent a personal GPS device or use your smartphone, having a good map with you will only let you have fun in Dubai without having to worry about losing your direction.