Are There Extra Fees for Drivers Under 25 Years Old in Dubai?

Are There Extra Fees for Drivers Under 25 Years Old in Dubai?

This information is for those who are about to travel to Dubai and those who decided to rent a car. It will be handy for those under the age of 25. Most car rental firms in Dubai have their price for their customer, particularly for young drivers since most companies charge extra for those under a particular age. Here is all the information you require to rent a car services in Dubai if you’re a young driver especially under 25 years.

Young Driver Surcharge

Many Dubai car rental services have special policies for young drivers. They are below 25 years old and often have to pay an extra cost. The rental car company calls this fee the "young driver surcharge." It covers the extra risk from young and inexperienced drivers. The fee may vary by rental company. So, it's always best to ask and compare. Check the fees and policies of each company you plan to rent from.

Age Requirements

I have noticed that the least age to rent a car in Dubai is usually when one is 21 years old. But, some rental cars have terms and conditions. They specify a small age of 23 or even 25 to rent a specific car. Also, luxury and sports cars are not as easy to access as their counterparts. The smallest age is 25 or 30.

Driver’s License and Experience

About car rentals in Dubai: rental companies require customers to have a valid driver’s license. Foreign visitors usually must have an International Driving Permit. They need it in addition to their home country's license. Rental companies also may offer certain requirements such as the fourteen days driving experience after obtaining a driver’s license. This may be especially true for young drivers, who can only get an insurance quote if they have had a valid driver’s license for two years and not have any additional charges or limitations.

Insurance Considerations

Another drawback of rental car insurance is also that it may be on the expensive side for under 25-year-old drivers. ‘It is normally supplied with simple insurance but it can be useful to pay for extra insurance service.’ To specific protection possibilities such as collision damage waivers abbreviated CDW or personal accident insurance abbreviated PAI young drivers will possibly have to pay higher premiums than grown-ups.

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Ways to Save

Despite the extra costs, you can save on car rental fees if you're under 25.

Book in Advance: Make sure to refer these early booking seats to customers because they are offered at cheaper rates than those provided later.

Membership Programs: Rental companies also add that they have an offer for discounts to all members of a particular organization or membership program.

Compare Rates: Use like-for-like websites to compare the cost and it’s essential to know that there could be young driver add-ons involved.

Negotiate: Be prepared to talk fees down though it is mostly tenable during the low demand season as the personnel looks for other business to attend to.

Alternative Options

Moreover, if the costs of fees especially for young drivers are still high, that is the time to look for other forms of transport. Dubai has one of the well-developed transport systems, for example, metro, bus, and taxi. Taxis are also readily available and easily accessible as are the Uber and Careem mobile applications which can be cheaper to hire than a car.


Although there are fine print charges involved at renting a car in Dubai as a young driver under 25, being knowledgeable and prepared will assist in bringing these costs under control. Indeed, the moments when getting behind a wheel can become a real adventure instead of a nightmare: when you know your needs and consider all available choices, it is always inspiring to drive in one of the most vibrant metropolises of the world without spending a fortune. Safe travels!