Can I Add Another Driver to My Car Rental in Dubai?

Can I Add Another Driver to My Car Rental in Dubai?

Car hire in Dubai is an independent touring option that affords a traveler the flexibility of choosing stops and times. It is vital to understand whether or not it is legal to have an extra driver on your rental car. The answer is yes! Car rental agencies in Dubai allow an additional driver but there are some conditions based on the rental terms.

Why Add Another Driver?

A new driver getting into the formula can be very useful. What it means is that it is possible to take turns in driving especially during long journeys which is essential, especially if the two individuals have different work schedules. This way one person cannot fatigue the other or become too tired to continue focusing on the work. It also takes the hassle out of going on a road trip with family or friends as people can rotate in driving the car.

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What Do You Need?

To add another driver, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled by both the drivers and the joint ones. The other driver often has to be a certain age, commonly at least 21 years old for a young driver car rental. There may be some organizations that prefer the driver to be 25 years or above, especially when renting exotic cars. In addition, the overall practices require that the additional driver possesses a genuine driver’s license. Sometimes it may also be required to have an international permit especially if the license is not in English or Arabic language. You will also be required to present an Identification such as a passport or Emirates ID. Some companies may demand that the other driver be required to have not less than one-year experience in driving.

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How to Add Another Driver

In case, you would like to add another driver to your rental car, this is how to go about it. First, inform the rental company when you book the car or upon confirming the rental car or when you go to pick it. It is best to do so before any hitches manifest so that they can be easily prevented. Then, provide them with their documents related to the additional driver such as the driving license and identification card. That aside, an additional driver shall also need to sign the rental agreement document. Last of all, another driver costs extra, often capped by the selected vehicle’s model. This fee can vary with the type of company you are renting from as well as the duration of the car rental.

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How Much Does It Cost?

It's important to note that by taking another driver to your rental car you’ll be charged some extra dollars. You are likely to spend a small amount more on the daily rental of the car depending on the company and type of car. However, it would be wise to inform the rental company on the exact cost much beforehand.


An extra driver for your car rental in Dubai is useful if you intend to share the car’s use you will be driving. Understanding the above requirements and by observing all the procedures stated herein, you are well placed to add an additional driver and indeed have more fun.