Can I Rent a Car in Dubai if I Have a Driving Ban in Another Country?

Can I Rent a Car in Dubai if I Have a Driving Ban in Another Country?


It is thrilling also whenever you get a chance to visit Dubai. This makes them run out of things to see and even travel to tall buildings and other fancy places. Rent a car here people say, but what if one is not privileged to drive an automobile in his home country? Is it still possible to rent a car when you get to Dubai? Let’s find out!

What does Driving Ban mean?

A driving ban entails that one cannot drive a car in their country or any other country as it will be considered an offense. This can occur if violating standard traffic provisions adhere to it. However, this is an obvious indication that although you cannot drive in your home country, you can lead in other nations.

Car Rental Services in Dubai

Despite the numerous benefits it has over traditional car rental services, we have to remember that car rental companies in Dubai have their own rules when it comes to services that they are offering. As a rule, they insist on you showing your home country’s driving license. Some may request an International Driving Permit (IDP). Some of these companies may not be aware whether you have a driving ban in another country. If you were planning to rent a car to navigate the city, you would still be able to do so in Dubai.

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Legal Issues

Even if the car Rental Company may not be aware of your ban of driving, then one must obey the law. It becomes a big problem if driving a car using a license is banned in any country. While in Dubai, the police always have the right to look into your license. And they, if ever they discover that you are a banned driver, then you are in big trouble, would be forced to pay a lot of fines or be sent to jail.

Insurance Problems

This is usually indicated through insurance that car rentals offer in the case of an accident. To be granted cover by a firm, you must own a valid license to operate the car. If the holder has a mishap when his license is suspended, then the insurance may not be able to cover for losses. You would be on your own, paying for all the expenses through your own pocket and this is usually very costly and tiring.

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What Should You Do?

In case you are forbidden to drive a car in your home country, then it is possible to operate other types of transport in Dubai. Friends, the transportation means in Dubai include buses, taxis, and even the metro is very good. These are quite safe, and not too costly in the fondness you will be able to get them. There is also the services of a taxi which can help you get around. Thus, it will be needed not to have any legal issues or insurance complications at all and move forward.


Nevertheless, even if you may probably be allowed to rent a car in Dubai despite the ban issued by another country, this is quite dangerous. Avoid having to drive yourself, it is advisable to rely on either public transport or taking a car with a driver. Using this information, the traveler will be able to have an enjoyable and stress-free time in Dubai!