Can I Rent a Car in Dubai with a Temporary Driver's License?

Can I Rent a Car in Dubai with a Temporary Driver's License?

Dubai is a great city of tall structures. There are many fascinating things to immerse in there. Most people are interested in car hire for city touring. If you have a temporary driver’s license or if your driver license is going to expire sometime soon then you might be quite anxious to know if you can rent a car in Dubai. The answer will rather depend on several factors which include the kind of license one has, the rules formulated and implemented by the rental company, and origin. This is something I do not know much about. Let me learn more about it.

What is a Temporary Driver’s License?

The government issues people a special type of driver's license for a limited period of time.This may be because they are learners or are waiting for their full provisional license. Respectively, temporary licenses also have a different policy for every country.

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International Driving Permit (IDP)

An IDP is a useful document often and this is a fact well known to a lot of people. It transforms your home country driver’s license into many other languages in a way that people of the other country can read and comprehend. Caret rents in Dubai widely permit an IDP if you show your native driver’s license from your country as well. Keep in mind, the IDP is not sufficient for travelers you need both documents handy.

Car Rental Company Rules

This differs from company to company in Dubai because each of them has its own policies concerning the acceptable licenses. Some large-scaled and multinational corporations may be more accommodative. Previously, the consultant advised that it is advisable to contact the rental company prior to arriving at the company’s premises to confirm whether or not they are willing to accept a temporary license. Generally, you need to search for this information on their website or call them and ask.

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Regulation of Residents and Visitors

Driving under an international license is not permitted therefore, if you are a UAE resident, you require a UAE license to hire a car. Short-term permits from the UAE are typically recognized by the providers of cars for rent. Before you embark on driving in Dubai, you should consider the issue of licensing, as you can drive with your foreign license if you are from the country of origin. Some visitors may also require an IDP too. Of course, it is required to make sure of the rules for the certain country.

Insurance for Rental Cars

This is because when you have hired a car usually you will be required to take insurance on it. This goes toward meeting any compensation costs in case of an incidence that leads to damaging the property. Most of the rental firms always come with insurance policies but they may be limited coverage plans. Just a word of advice, it is wise to inquire further about special consent for additional insurance to be sure that one is sufficiently insured. Of course, some credit cards also provide services in rented car insurance, but please inquire about acceptance of the license.

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Advice for Car Hire

Here are some helpful tips for renting a car in Dubai:

Book Early: Check well-earmarked car rental agencies, so that you are sure of getting your desired car and at a good discount.

Documents to carry: A valid driver’s license, international driving permit if required while in the foreign country, passport, and any other legal documents you deem appropriate to carry.

Know the Rules: In particular, here are some insights into the essential traffic rules in Dubai that can help avoid dangerous situations on the road:

Check the Car: You have to ensure that you take a rigorous look at the car before you drive it. Also observe any existing scratch or dent, and be sure to report them to the rental company so that they do not come and charge it in the future.


In Dubai, it is possible to rent a car with a temporary driver’s license however, it is recommended that some factors be considered carefully. This is important as always to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to the rental company, to have all your papers in order and to know about insurance. When driving in Dubai, follow the above steps to ensure that you enjoy the best time without necessarily putting the lives of other persons on the line. One must always ensure that the most recent information is obtained to ensure a favorable outcome.