Can Visitors Use an International Driver's License to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Can Visitors Use an International Driver's License to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Dubai is an emerging city. It's well famed for seven-star hotels, shiny skyscrapers, and world-class shopping malls. Colorful night clubs are also a major attraction. They attract massive crowds every year. Being a well-planned city of the current world with advanced infrastructure development and sophisticated network of roads, the tourists may easily get a rented car. If you are going to become a tourist in the city, then you may question the possibility of driving a rented car while holding an international driver’s license in Dubai. I'm afraid the answer is yes but I need you to be aware of a few specifics.

What is an International Driver’s license?

An International Driving Permit is also called an International Driver’s License. It is an ID that interprets your normal driver’s license in many languages. This is found in over 150 countries. It allows individuals to drive in different countries without knowing the local language.

The Use of International Driver’s License in Dubai

Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country allows renters and drivers to use an International Driving Permit. However, there are specific requirements and guidelines you need to follow: 

Valid National Driver's License: Here, you must show the national license and your international one.The IDP is only a translation and must immediately be consolidated with the original document.

Minimum Age Requirement: Car renting in Dubai is primarily open to those at least 21 years of age, although, some car renting companies may hire vehicles to only those who are 25 years and above, particularly for some categories and models of cars that are available for rent.

License Validity: Make sure that your national driver’s license and the IDP are not only legal during your stay in Dubai but until your planned departure from the country.

Rental Company Policies: Every car rental company will have their terms and conditions on whether they accept an International Driver’s License or not. However, it is always safer to clarify with the rental agency of what necessitates their particular choice before proceeding.

Process of renting a car with an international drivers license

Research and Book in Advance: It is crucial for one to look for the right car rental firm in Dubai and compare the prices offered and the conditions that accompany the rates. If you happen to be booking ahead of time, this may help you find good deals.

Documentation: You should provide your national driver’s license, IDP, passport, and a credit card. However, some companies may additional identification or documents may be required from the client.

Insurance: See if certain insurance is offered in the rental agreement and try to source for additional insurance if there is need. This can be; loss damage waiver (LDW), which may be termed as collision damage waiver (CDW) or theft protection.

Understand the rules. We tell you to learn the traffic rules and laws of the place where you plan to drive. Motorists in Dubai enjoy good roads. But, they come with strict traffic laws and steep penalties for breaking them.

Inspect the Car: When taking the car, make sure one checks for cases of damages on the car and that they are noted down on the rental agreement as this will lead to debate.

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What to Do If You Do Not Have an IDP

If you don't have an International Driver's License, you might still be able to rent a car in Dubai under certain conditions:If you don't have an International Driver's License, you might still be able to rent a car in Dubai under certain conditions:

GCC Nationals: Foreign visitors especially those from the gulf cooperation council states are free to invest their home country driving license while in Dubai.

Certain Nationalities: Citizens of certain countries as the USA, the UK, Canada, and some European states can use their national driving licenses directly, although the presence of specific standards should probably be consulted if necessary since it differs and can be changed.


Of course, if someone wants, he can use the International Driving Permit to rent a car in Dubai; thus, it becomes quite convenient to get a car for a sightseeing tour. Check to see if you fulfill all the qualifications, bring relevant papers, and familiarize yourself with regional driving guidelines for a smooth driving experience. For instance, if you are to travel to Sheikh Zayed Road or any other tourist attraction, your tour will be much more enjoyable in a rental car.