Renting a Car in Dubai | A Guide for Families with Kids

Renting a Car in Dubai | A Guide for Families with Kids

Hence, if the family is intending to visit Dubai then having a car hire is appropriate since movement within the city is quicker and easier. It is really a large city and what it just means is that there are many fawn sites and other things that are more interesting to see in Dubai and if you are traveling with children, it would be really advantageous for you to have a car rental with you all the time. Here's a guide to help you navigate the process of renting a car in Dubai: This brief guide highlights key things that from my personal encounters and after visiting several car hire firms in my research I recommend you to adhere to when rent a car Dubai.

Choosing the Right Car

In choosing a car rental company in Dubai, several factors that has to be taken into consideration includes the number of members in the household and the volume of the properties you will be carrying. Some of the available car types that are hired for rental purposes include small compact cars, economy cars, intermediate automobiles, full-size automobiles, and even large SUVs. Drivers with children typically need mid-sized sedans or bigger cars such as SUVs because they cannot only seat everyone but also carry bags and groceries at the same time.

Child Safety Seats

If a child traveler is below 4 years in Dubai then the rules require that the child must be in an appropriate child safety seat or booster seat in the car. Most companies offering rental services can offer these seats on request but one should contact the specific company and ask about the possibilities of getting the seat type together with current prices before ordering a rental service.

Insurance and Coverage

Standard insurance solutions indeed available by the rental car companies in Dubai include collision damage waiver (CDW), third-party liability insurance, and personal accident insurance. There is also likelihood that there are extra costs not mentioned earlier on they are; it is also advisable that the coverage be reviewed and the deductibles and the exclusion be looked at before one agrees to the terms of the rental agreement. It may also be useful in situations when you have to decide if buying extra insurance is appropriate for the sake of your family.

The rules of the road or road law refers to the set of rules governing the correct behavior of vehicles and people on the roads and is mostly constituted under traffic laws.

Actually, I have to say that car traveling is very convenient and well-developed in Dubai but it is better to know the rules of the road and driving habits of local population. Be mindful of speed limits, obey traffic signals as well as the designated lanes that you intend to use to improve the driving experience.

The roads indeed here seem intricate for a city, there are many highways, bridges, and interchanges in Dubai. It is advisable to use the GPS or better a smart phone application to get an idea of the city and the transport network. To do so, in-car maps may also be provided by some rental companies for an extra cost.

Parking and Tolls

There are paid parking areas around Dubai and several toll roads which are termed as Salik gates. For parking spaces and tolls, be ready to pay an amount for those services and know the different payment methods like those cards which has credits, prepaid or even applications downloaded from the phones.

Refueling and Maintenance

When hiring a car in Dubai, do consider how much fuel it has initially and then anticipate your refuel breaks. It is also important to note that with some car rental services, they may have additional charges for bringing back the car with minimal fuel levels.


Through such indexes, anyone may enjoy a trouble-free and exciting trip with his/her family to rent a car in Dubai. If you hire an appropriate car, follow all the necessary safety measures, and know more about the local traffic conditions and including important sites, one can afford to tour the city and its outstanding features. Happy travels!