Discover Dubai's Beaches | Rent a Car and Hit the Coastline

Discover Dubai's Beaches | Rent a Car and Hit the Coastline

Among the cities that can be listed as rich and attractive Dubai is perhaps one of the most remarkable; it combines the tall towering skyscrapers, ocean-side accommodation, and the opportunity to discover cultural spaces and beautiful seashores. Dubai beaches are perfectly suitable for escaping from the vivid context of an urban environment and relaxing on the shore of the Sea, which is refreshing and calm compared to the city. Looking at all the positive attributes highlighted above, it will make utter sense to rent a car in Dubai for your beach hopping adventure. I have mentioned in one of this articles that I want to share with you the list of beautiful beaches in Dubai and why it is best to rent a car in dubai to go there.

Jumeirah Beach

In this particular location alone, there is Jumeirah Beach that should be among the best in Dubai and there is any reason for it. The small bay is encircled by beautiful beaches that consist of white sand and blue water and is backed by palm trees that grow right down to the water’s edge. If you are able to hire a car in Dubai the whole day, you might consider spending the day at the Jumeirah Beach by either sunbathing on the sand or involving yourself in water skiing or even parasailing.

Kite Beach

Jumeirah Beach Park is another best place for those more adventurous beach lovers and if one is searching for an action-packed beach trip, Kite beach will be the best place to be. The Palm Jumeirah is the unique beach in that location nearer to the Burj Al Arab and it will definitely be a good one not only for swimming and having fun with the sun bath but it is more than a suitable place for the people having interest in water sports particularly kitesurfing. Kite Beach provides the perfect mix of power and fun in the sun with comfortable wind and vitality. The best is to rent a car where getting your gear and driving to Kite Beach will not be a problem.

La Mer

The newly developed La Mer, a vibrant beachfront destination in Dubai, is the ultimate choice for many residents and visitors. This ultra hip beach hangout has a boulevard with cafes and restaurants which are shops that offer a relaxing and calming atmosphere. One great advantage in renting a car is that it allows individuals to take their time to admire La Mer’s offerings and also efficiently go between the beach and the various entertainment venues in the region.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is also among the most frequently visited as there are many places where one can observe the most amazing sunrise or sunset. Also referred to as the private beach of the Burj Al Arab, this is one of the least crowded Arabsians and is perfect for a beach and relaxation as one savors the beautiful Arabian sunset. Those who rent cars may plan their trips to well-timed coincide with this natural phenomenon and observe it without any problems. The sunset experience will be a magical moment you will never forget as you take captivating photographs of the sun setting against the beautiful background of snowy mountains or other sceneries.

Why Renting a Car in Dubai is Ideal for Beach Exploration

The utilization of hire cars in Dubai offers numerous benefits for beach goers in the city. Here's why:

Convenience and Flexibility

3/8 Renting a car also means that you can visit several beaches in a single day. Those who are looking for a less structured and more flexible vacation can also plan their own itinerary, and go to each beach at their own pass.


Dubai beaches are scattered along the shore and it is quite convenient to use a car to get across various locations located at a distance from the city centre as well as in the outskirts. It is also possible for the beach goer to have all their gear, a couple of towels and refreshments all packed into a stylish bag that can be easily carried through the sand.

Time Efficiency

Car rental services would also help people beat the traffic nuisances of waiting for taxis and the inefficiency of public transport. Having your own vehicle to drive to the beaches will help you save some time relaxing on the beach and more hours of sunshine, sand, and waves.


I have never seen a better place to relax and unwind after a long day of roaming around crowded streets of Dubai as compared to these coastal destinations and Dubai Car Hire makes this all possible. Be it a car for you to enjoy a day out in the sun or an adventurous streak to explore the bounties of Dubai, owning a car for the beach makes your excursions so much more convenient and accessible. So, hire a vehicle in Dubai and embark on a memorable beach-hopping adventure along the city's picturesque shoreline.