A complete guide to the Dubai – Oman bus service

A complete guide to the Dubai – Oman bus service

Overview of Dubai to Oman Bus 

Dubai to Oman Bus Services offers convenient and pleasant travel. For adventurers and missionaries, Dubai-Oman bus routes are convenient, affordable, and scenic. This guide covers everything from reserving tickets online to enjoying the scenery. Discover why the Dubai-Oman bus is popular as we examine its details. 


The RTA and M wasalat in Oman reopened Dubai-Muscat 201 in 2019. An agreement between these groups added routes and stations between the destinations. RTA has long promoted Dubai tourism in addition to good public transport. Therefore, Dubai's transport administration created many new bus lines across the UAE. Businesspeople traveling for official business have also profited. Dubai to Oman 201 bus route is also convenient and affordable. Learn how RTA buses make Dubai transportation easier.

Dubai to Oman Bus Journey

Dubai to Oman buses are convenient, comfortable, and pass through beautiful scenery. The journey between these two magnificent destinations will be more than just getting there. Interesting things about this trip:

Travel Time and Distance


Dubai to Oman is a 400-kilometer bus ride from bustling Dubai to tranquil Oman. After six hours, you can rest and enjoy the scenery outside your window.


Route Details : The entire trip is safe and easy with our well-planned bus route. Modern infrastructure makes the Dubai-Oman route smooth, so you can relax and enjoy it. Relax in the spacious seats and let our professional drivers drive as you soak up Oman's beauty.

It's cheaper and easier to change visas on the bus from Dubai to Oman, which will improve your journey. make the flight comfortable and pleasurable

Prices of Bus Tickets From Dubai to Oman

AED 54 is the price of a bus ticket from Dubai to Oman. On the other hand, a round-trip bus ticket from Dubai to Oman costs AED 88

The RTA stand is where you can buy tickets for the bus from Dubai to Oman. When you can buy tickets online, it will be easier to get a bus from Dubai to Oman. Also, the fee to leave the UAE is AED 32 per person at the gate.

Facilities for bus service from Dubai to Oman

All buses include Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The Mwasalat buses are modern and safe. About 50 people can fit. Each of this route's three bus stops has multiple exits. Thus, you may quickly grab a Metro or RTA taxi and continue. If there is a need for more trips between Dubai and Oman, the RTA may add more trips. 


  • Buses from Dubai to Oman have the most up-to-date equipment.

Other buses run between Dubai and Oman

There are a few private ways to get from Dubai to Oman by bus if you want to try something different. The Al Khanjry buses are one of these private companies that go to and from Muscat and Dubai. You can catch these buses in Muscat, right next to the Ruwi bus stop. 


  • Every day, these buses leave between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm. They stop solely in Sohar for food and shopping. 


You can also learn more about Dubai with the RTA Bus on Demand service and app.

Things to Consider

When going between Dubai and Oman, you also need to think about: 


  • Visa Requirements: Since you are going between two different countries, you need to pay attention to all the visa requirements. 
  • Exit Fee: At the UAE border, you must pay AED 35 for each person leaving the country.

Dubai to Oman Bus Timings

Dubai-Oman bus schedules vary since the route leaves three times from three locations. These bus points are


  • Rashidiya Bus Station: 8:00, 14:00, and 11:30
  • Airport Terminal 2: 7:45 a.m., 3:45 p.m., 11:15 p.m
  • Abu Hail Bus Station: 07:30, 13:30, and 11:00

After reaching Oman, the bus makes 11 stops before crossing the border. These stops also have Oman-Dubai buses.


  • Barka
  • Burj Al Sahwa
  • Muscat Airport
  • Khabura
  • Athaiba
  • Maabela
  • Musanah
  • Sohar
  • Suwaiq
  • Khabura
  • Saham 
  • Shinas

A Sohar to Dubai bus (or from any other Muscat station) costs OMR 5.5 (one-way) and OMR 9 (return).

The Sohar-Dubai bus leaves at 06:20 am, 03:20 pm, and 11:20 pm. Mwasalat bus ticket offices and the official website can confirm bus times. Fill out the Mwasalat office contact form on their website.


Buses connect Dubai and Oman, two fascinating countries. This means of transit combines ease, cost, and discovery, not just a ride. Online bus ticket sales from Dubai to Oman have never been easier as the world goes digital. Book your seat, plan your trip, and have a great time on the simple platforms. Dubai-Oman bus service is cheaper than others. This route's low cost and increased passenger numbers make it a popular travel choice. A bus to Oman from Dubai provides a thorough view of Oman. Explore the rich culture, historical sites, and dynamic mix of tradition and modernity.


Finally, the Dubai-Oman bus service explores possibilities, not simply rides. Visas, gorgeous road excursions, and Oman's wealth offer adventure, discovery, and connection. Let the Dubai to Oman bus take you to a magical world.


How long is the bus ride from Dubai to Oman?

The bus ride from Dubai to Muscat takes six hours and covers over 400 kilometers. Bus stops for RTA Dubai to Muscat are: Station Al Rashidiya. 

How do you get to Oman from Dubai?

Dubai-Oman drivers favor the Hatta border crossing because it's the nearest. Located only about 140 kilometers from Dubai, the Hatta border post takes less than two hours to reach by car. 

Can you get from Dubai to Muscat via bus?

The only bus company connecting Dubai and Muscat is Oman-based Al Khanjry Transport. Their buses are pretty modern, comfortable, and totally affordable. The bus has free WiFi as well. 

How long is the bus ride from Dubai to Muscat?

Dubai to Muscat bus travel time

The distance between Dubai and Muscat is approximately 442 kilometers (275 miles). Bus travel takes at least 6 hours, including border crossings.

Is Muscat cheaper than Dubai?

Dubai is 16% more expensive than Muscat, Oman.


Note: As of June 12, 2023, the Dubai to Oman bus service was still suspended, as confirmed by the RTA.

Oman is a top UAE tourist destination. The neighboring nation boasts lovely markets and beaches. Buses from Dubai to Oman make visiting the neighboring nation easier and cheaper. If you want to experience Oman's culture and traditions, take a bus from Dubai.