How do I return a rental car in Dubai after hours?

How do I return a rental car in Dubai after hours?

Many people find it very convenient to get around when they are in a rented car. But now, the return of a rental car after working hours is sometimes quite complicated. It is much easier to rent a car in Dubai. This is because it is a lively city. To be aware of the measures right can save a great deal of time and energy from being wasted in frustrations and inconveniences.

Understanding After-Hours Rental Return

Among the important things that need to be defined before renting a car, one should determine what will happen after the car is returned and what rental company policy regarding such a situation. About car return, most of the large car rental firms in Dubai have provided after hour returns services, but it might be different from one firm to another. Some might offer an exclusive kerbside drop off point where you drop the keys while others might offer a box where you have to deposit the keys. If you want to consider the above factors, you need to ask about them when you are picking the car.

Locating the Car Return Site

After knowing the existing company policy, it is important that you look for the place where you will drop the item in particular. It is usually labeled contrastively within the parking space of the rental Company as previously mentioned. It is preferred in advance to get to know this place during the car pick up so that it is not mistaken at some other time. Again, most of the time, many rental agencies will give you a map or even give clear instructions.

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Preparing Your Rental Car for Return

Whenever you are returning the car should be in the same state as you hired it from the service provider. Empty all of your belongings, help clean the area of all garbage, and assess any possible harm. Rental policies will often require that the fuel level of the car that you are returning back should be the same level as when you took the car. If needed, fill up at a petrol station that is nearby your location before proceeding further on the journey.

Completing the Return Process

If the steering of the car has reached a particular drop-off zone, that means you ought to park the car in that designated space. Also jot down the number of the exact parking space where the car was parked, as you might have to inform the rental firm in case of an instance like this. Pull down the lock and roll up all the windows of the car.

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Deliver the Keys Safely

Almost all the rental companies have a secure, designated drop box where you can drop the car keys on your return at night. This copy of the drop box is typically placed at a conspicuous position such as near the front desk or in the car return. Some of these companies might also give a form to fill in the return time and date. Please make sure to adhere to these instructions to the letter as a way of avoiding any problems that might occur.

Document Your Return

It is advisable to take pictures or maintain a record of the status of the car as well as return procedure. Ensure one snaps the car at different views, showing its state and fuel level. It is useful in any cases if there are certain disagreements concerning the amount of damages or fuel quantity. Furthermore, sign the document that indicates the time you returned the car and all communications with the rental firm.

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Inform the Rental Company

Despite the fact that the return is outside of that particular working day, it is best to alert the rental firm on the kind of return to expect. Saying this, send an email or leave a voicemail to confirm the return, and if there is any additional information that might be important in this situation such as the parking lot number and the time of return, share it also. This would in turn minimize misunderstanding that could arise if one party gets impatient waiting for the other to explain or clarify issues.

Post-Return Follow-Up

After the car has been returned, wait for the rental company to contact you through email or phone as noted earlier. They might also assure the return or bring up any concerns that needed to be on record about the return. When finalizing your deal, scrutinize your bill to ensure that every charge made is prudent and is as per the agreed rental terms.


Night return of a rented car is possible in Dubai provided that the contract between the legal entity and the car rent service allows it and the client follows the necessary procedures. To minimize inconvenience after dropping off the car, it is to understand that policy, the location where the car has to be dropped off, preparing the car, safely passing the keys to the rental company, documenting the return, and notifying the rental company. This would provide you with an opportunity to address these problems before they occur thus avoiding any hitch that may be a result of misunderstanding with the landlord hence a smooth end to your rental agreement.