How Much Does It Cost to Rent Different Types of Cars in Dubai?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Different Types of Cars in Dubai?

In Dubai one may rent a car to move around and it is always exciting doing so. This is a long list of cars that one can hire with maximum convenience with ease and at an affordable price. There are those that are quite affordable while there are those that will drain your pocket to the last dime. Now, let us analyze the approximate prices that companies offer various types of rental cars in Dubai.

Economy Cars

Compact means small and is not a luxury type of car. Some cases are useful for city driving and getting a good deal. For instance, an economy car will cost around AED 20 to AED 30 daily for rental purposes. This is one of the best car types. They are easy to maneuver, especially for parking.

Mid-Size Cars

Mid-size cars are cars that do not fall under the segment of economy cars but neither can they be considered to be within the full-size cars segment. They've got more boot space and cabin space, which makes it comfortable, and also they look much better. And, mid-size car rental is cheaper at about AED 40 to AED 60 per day. These cars are perfect for long rides and can take more passengers.

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Luxury Cars

Vehicles nowadays are posh if not luxurious and very comfortable as well especially if you’re driving around in a luxurious car. Nevertheless, ways in which they are advantageous include the fact that they can be rented at a relatively higher cost. A luxury car can range from AED150 to AED300 a day. These are new cars. They have all the latest features and are very comfortable to drive.


SUVs refer to large car models that have the ability to transport many people and a lot of baggage. It is perfect for large groups of people whether you are in a family or a large company. It costs roughly AED 500- $ 1200 per month to rent a SUV, or AED 70- AED 150 daily. These cars are good for use when going to the deserts or the mountains region.

Sports Cars

Some of the attractive characteristics of sports cars are that they can drive at very high speeds that are associated with high levels of excitement. They have a stylish look and are incredibly strong. A sports car comes at a very high price, with rental rates starting from $300 to $1000 for per day rental. Everyone who desires to have an excellent driving experience will consider owning these cars.

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In Dubai cars for rent come in all types ranging from ordinary machines, to luxurious ones depending on the user’s needs and the amount he/she is willing to spend. If it is economy or luxury cars, sports cars or antique cars, there is no car missing in their stock. Car rental is another option, and that’s definitely recommended if you want to see all the interesting places in the city.