How Old Do I Have to Be to Rent a Car in Dubai?

How Old Do I Have to Be to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Renting a car for the self-drive can also be good. This is because Dubai has tall buildings. It also has glamorous shopping and a lively nightlife. However, knowing the age limitation and other lawful policies is essential to avoid any hitch in the car rental process. This blog will cover the age needed for renting a car in Dubai. It will also cover other things you may need to know and how to rent a car in Dubai without much stress.

Age Limits for Renting a Car in Dubai

The minimum age for renting a car in Dubai varies by rental firm and car type. Here are the general guidelines:

Standard Rental Cars:

Minimum Age: Envoys 21 years of age.

Driving Experience: For example, most rental companies have it rout of the law that you should have held your driving license for at least one year.

Luxury and High-End Vehicles:

Minimum Age: This would imply that the workers were 25 years old given that age is directly proportional to the level of experience.

Driving Experience: It could take extra years of driving for some companies especially when for renting out luxury or high performance cars.

Additional Requirements

You need to be 21 to rent a car in Dubai. But, there are other key factors and documents to be aware of.

Valid Driving License:

For residents: A valid UAE driving license for the relevant category of the vehicle.

For tourists: They both; an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to the national driving license.


Most of the time, basic insurance in car rental is already incorporated in the quoted cost. Though, one should make a note of what is already covered and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Credit Card: 

A debit or credit card is expected for the security deposit and it is usually sworn to be legitimate. Check your card balance before undertaking this transaction so that you are sure your card can accommodate this deposit.

Passport and Visa: 

When hiring a car, there are various requirements that a tourist may need to provide and these include his passport and visa information.

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Factors affecting car rental age requirements

Many things might affect the age requirements for renting a car in Dubai:

Rental Company Policies:

Policies formulated by individual rental companies may vary concerning the minimum age requirement and other young driver supplement charges. Make sure you go through all the contractual details carefully before renting.

Type of Vehicle:

Mini ordinary cars may be of lower aged than motor luxury or special type cars. The age requirements of a car rental firm may vary and it is recommendable to check the requirements in regard to the category of car one intends to rent.

Insurance Coverage:

This is due to high risk perception of the insurance companies where young drivers under the age of 25 may end up being charged more or having to pay extra charges in the form of premiums.

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Useful information for renting a car in Dubai

Consider the following tips. They will help you have a smooth car rental experience in Dubai.

Book in Advance:

Thus, pre-booking your car means you have a better chance to book early and be offered more competitive charges as well as a choice of cars.

Compare Rental Companies:

Search for rental companies on the internet and opt for the ones that offer considerable discounts; also, it is important to have a look at the reviews of other people.

Understand the Rental Agreement:

Insurance documents and documents that regulate the provisions of fuel and the number of miles to be covered should also be given attention when signing the contract.

Inspect the Vehicle:

Some rental cars may come with existing damages which must be noted before leaving the lot or the drop-off location, to prevent myths of the car being returned with damages.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Traffic Laws:

Being aware of traffic laws that operate in the emirate can assist one in avoiding penalties as well as enabling a safe road use experience in Dubai.


About Dubai car rentals: Renting a car lets you move around the city to see places that interest you at your own time. As for the small age clause, it ranges between 21 years for regular cars. But, it could be much higher for luxury ones. So, it's best to read and note the rental company's special conditions. Also, make sure you have all the right documents and insurance. If you plan to rent a car in Dubai, then you must know the following things to make your trip perfect. Know the rules for renting cars in Dubai before your trip. Then, you can have a luxurious vacation.