How to Remove Black Point from License With Great dubai

How to Remove Black Point from License With Great dubai

In countries where rules and regulations of traffic are strict like UAE, black points on driving licenses are a major concern for drivers. If someone accumulates too many black points on his license he can face various penalties. It may include fines, suspension, and cancellation of driving licenses. However, there are different legal ways to reduce or remove these black points in the UAE. In this blog, we will discuss everything important about how to remove black points from driving licenses. 

Understanding Black points

In case of traffic violation, some penalties are implemented on the license of the driver which is known as black points. Moreover, the major purpose of this system is to ensure secure and safe driving for everyone on the roads. They are also helpful in reducing the occurrence of accidents and traffic violations. In UAE, black Point penalties normally depend on the type of violation. For example, if someone violates the speeding rule it might result in a few points. On the other hand, if someone does a violation that causes an accident, it results in a higher number of points.

Implications of Accumulating Black Points


Black Points

Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs

24 points

Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80 km/h

23 points

Reckless driving

12 points

Running a red light (causing an accident)

12 points

Running a red light (no accident)

8 points

Driving without a valid license

24 points

Using a mobile phone while driving

4 points

Not wearing a seatbelt

4 points

Driving with expired vehicle registration

4 points

Overtaking from the hard shoulder

6 points


4 points

Blocking traffic

6 points

Driving against traffic

4 points

Causing a serious accident

8 points

Speeding (21-30 km/h over limit)

2 points

Speeding (31-40 km/h over limit)

3 points

Speeding (41-50 km/h over limit)

4 points

Speeding (51-60 km/h over limit)

6 points

Speeding (61-80 km/h over limit)

12 points

Parking in disabled zones

6 points

Driving without insurance

4 points

Failure to stop at pedestrian crossings

6 points

Driving an uninsured vehicle

4 points

Driving with an obscured license plate

12 points

Failure to give way to emergency vehicles

6 points

Failure to adhere to traffic signals

8 points

Fine and Penalties

The accumulation of black Points comes with financial penalties in the UAE. Moreover, a fine normally depends on the violation. If your violation is higher your fine is higher and if your violation is smaller than your fine is lower. 

License Suspension

If someone accumulates a definite number of black points in a given time it may result in suspension of license. For example in the UAE, if someone accumulates 24 black points within 1 year his driving license is suspended. 

License Cancellation

If someone repeats a violation and accumulates black points his driving license can be canceled. So, to avail of it again you have to reapply and also give a driving test. 

Insurance Premium

If you have black points on your license it can lead to higher car insurance premiums. So, keep in mind to always drive properly to save yourself from black points and insurance premiums. 

Steps to Remove Black Points


Points Removed


Traffic Safety Courses

Up to 8 points

- Available in various emirates. 
- Typically allowed once per year. 
- Fees apply.

Payment of Fines

Indirect Reduction

- Paying fines does not directly remove points but is necessary to maintain a clean record.

Good Driving Behavior

Variable (up to all)

- Black points are automatically removed after 1-3 years of no further violations.

Legal Assistance

Variable (case-specific)

- Contest points if awarded unfairly. 
- Requires legal process and evidence.


Traffic Safety Courses

Attending Traffic safety courses is one of the most reliable and easier ways to remove black points from your driving license. In the UAE, many Emirates provide such courses which are part of their programs. For example, the successful completion of traffic safety courses offered by Dubai police will result in the removal of some black points from your record.


Always remember to check if you are eligible to attend these courses or not. Normally, you must have not overcome a specific number of black points to qualify in UAE.


After checking eligibility the next step is to enroll yourself in an approved graphic safety course. Moreover, aspects like defensive driving techniques, road safety, and traffic laws are covered by these courses.


When you complete the traffic safety course successfully you will receive a certificate. Furthermore, it is helpful for you to remove black points from your driving license.

Payment of Fines and Penalties

In the UAE, you can also reduce your black points from your driving license by making payment of fines and penalties. They may not remove your all points but help reduce your overall tally.

Check Outstanding Fines:

Always remember to use online portals or visit the traffic department to check any fine that is associated with your black points.


It is advised to everyone to pay a fine immediately. Moreover, if you pay a fine early you can also avail discount and reduction of black points from driving license. 

Good Driving Behavior

When someone keeps good behavior driving over a period it leads to automatic removal of black points in the UAE.

Time Period:

Understanding the time period is very important. For example in the UAE, the time period range is normally around 1 year.

Safe Driving:

If you keep the habit of safe driving and follow traffic regulations of traffic during this period, you can avail the benefit of black points removal.

If you feel the black point on your traffic license is without any reason, you can seek legal assistance for its removal. 

Hire a Lawyer:

Always remember to hire a lawyer who has complete command of traffic rules and regulations. Furthermore, it is helpful for you to get your rights and black Points removed.

Evidence and Documentations:

Another helpful piece of advice for everyone to remove black points from their driving license is to gather all relevant evidence and documentation. Moreover, they are helpful in your case. It may include photographs, witness statements, and other records.

Court Hearing:

Always remember to attend your court hearing as required. If the result from the court comes in your favor, you can avail the benefit of black Point removal.

Tips to Save from Black Points in UAE

Here are some tips that are helpful for you to stay away from black points and maintain a clean driving record:

Defensive Driving

If you want to stay away from black points on your driving license then defensive driving is very important. So, always drive safely and keep your distance from other cars. 

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

It is advised to everyone to maintain your vehicle regularly. It is helpful for a safe and Secure driving experience on the roads of the UAE. 

Alcohol and Drugs

Stay away from driving if you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Driving in this condition is illegal and dangerous for you.

Adhere to Traffic Signals

Always remember to obey all traffic signals and signs. If you run a red light or ignore a road signal it results in penalties and fines in the UAE.

Avoid Distractions

Always remember to avoid those things that distract you while driving. Moreover, the things that take your attention away include using mobile phones, eating, and cross-talking.

Understanding Traffic Laws

Always remember to familiarize yourself with the traffic rules and regulations in the UAE. Furthermore, the knowledge of traffic laws is helpful for you to avoid any type of violation.

Speed Limits

The consideration of the speed limit is very important to save yourself from black points on your driving license. So, familiarize yourself with speed limits and drive according to the conditions, traffic regulations, and weather.


How many black points would suspend a driving license in UAE?

If you accumulate 24 black points within one year it can result in suspension of your driving license in the UAE.

Are paying for fines and penalties helpful in reducing my black points in UAE?

Yes, if you pay for fines and penalties it results in reducing black points from your driving license. Moreover, if you pay a fine immediately or at a specific time you can also avail of discounts.

Is there any cost for traffic safety courses in UAE?

Yes, traffic safety courses have a few which normally depend on the emirates in UAE. For example, in Dubai, the cost of a traffic safety course is higher as compared to Ajman or Sharjah.

Can I check my black points online in the UAE?

Yes,  you can easily check your black points online through various official websites. 

Which type of violation carries the most black points in UAE?

In the UAE, Violations like reckless driving, causing accidents, and driving after drinking alcohol carry most black points. 

What is the effect of black points on car insurance premiums in UAE?

If you have black points on your driving license it causes a higher car insurance premium in the UAE. 

Which documents are required to enroll in traffic safety courses in UAE?

To enroll yourself in traffic safety courses you must have a driving license, Emirate ID, and notification of black Point.