Top Most Popular Petrol Stations in Dubai- Find Petrol Stations Near Me

Top Most Popular Petrol Stations in Dubai- Find Petrol Stations Near Me



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the globe's leading oil producers. It is firmly positioned within the top ten ranks all around the globe. 

With affordable petrol prices, a significant portion of the population is affording personal car ownership. It significantly aligns with the growing populace of car proprietors. 

The Dubai petrol stations are at prime locales, thoroughfares, as well as highways. These petrol stations effectively cater to commercial and private vehicles.

This comprehensive guide provides you complete information about fuel stations in Dubai. Delving into the diverse array of fuels they provide as well as exploring their array of services.

Petrol Stations in Dubai

Emarat Petrol Station Dubai

Emarat is a popular name in the global fuel industry. It holds a prominent position not only in Dubai but worldwide. They offer an extensive range of offerings such as Special 95, diesel, LPG, Gas Oil, and Super 98. You can choose the fuel type from a diverse array of vehicles and equipment.

With a dominant presence boasting more than 60 petrol stations Dubai. Emarat stands as the most trusted petrol station in the region. These modern and vibrant filling stations not only provide fuel, but also a range of additional conveniences.

Emarat serves a successful consumer volume, serving approximately 100 million retail and commercial customers. The payment process is seamless and user-friendly, tailored to various priorities and needs:

  • Atheer: A prepaid card designed for small to medium-sized fleets.
  • Safeer: A credit card offering streamlined fleet management.
  • Connect: Ideal for retail customers seeking fueling services and related amenities.

ADNOC Petrol Pump

ADNOC is celebrated for its commitment to eco-friendly fuels. As one of the largest fuel stations, ADNOC's stations are accessible across the UAE, including Dubai, and areas of Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

ADNOC petrol station have a diverse array of options, ensuring there's an optimal choice for every vehicle's need.

Special 95, Diesel, NGV, E-Plus 91, and Super 98 are all readily available to select the fuel best suited for vehicles. For instance, Special 95 is for cars that demand medium octane fuel.


ENOC and EPPCO have now merged to amplify their reputation to deliver high-quality petroleum products. The fuel station boasts an impressive network of over 116 petrol stations in Dubai. You can also search for petrol stations near me to cater both fueling and car servicing needs.

Famous as one of the petroleum companies, ENOC and EPPCO offer a wide range of fuel types. Super ULG 98, Special ULG 85, and diesel gas oil are available there.

Their excellence extends beyond customer perception. ENOC and EPPCO have garnered numerous accolades like the Annual Energy Award and CIPS recognition. ENOC and EPPCO are spread across while searching petrol stations nearby. You can choose from various strategic locations that grace the entirety of Dubai.

Delma Tools LLC Petrol Station

Delma Tools LLC Petrol Station is located strategically in the heart of Dubai. The fuel station stands out as a reliable and customer-oriented fueling destination. It is equipped with state-of-the-art fuel dispensers as well as modern amenities.

The fuel station ensures a seamless fueling experience. The station's commitment to quality is evident through adherence to stringent safety standards and its friendly staff. Delma Tools LLC Petrol Station is a preferred choice for motorists.

Al-Futtaim ENOC Dubai

Al-Futtaim ENOC is a dynamic collaboration between two prominent entities. These are Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and Al-Futtaim Group within Dubai. The joint venture brings together the resources of both companies. It provides distinct and comprehensive fuel and service experience.

There’s a massive network of nearby petrol stations across Dubai. Al-Futtaim ENOC has a range of high-quality fuel products. All the products are combined with convenience store offerings. 

The brand's commitment to excellence extends beyond fuel. The encompassing services enhance the overall driving experience.

Adding more, Al-Futtaim ENOC stands out not only for its commitment to delivering reliable fueling solutions but also for integration and renowned customer-centric approach. This approach ensures that customers get top-notch service and convenience fueling needs.

Whether it's a quick refuel or a range of automotive services, Al-Futtaim ENOC Dubai has established itself as one of the trusted destinations.

Al Maha Petroleum Dubai

Al Maha Petroleum is another popular name within Dubai's petroleum landscape. It is famous for its growing presence and commitment for reliable fuel services in Dubai.

With multiple outlets across the city, Al Maha Petroleum offers convenient access to quality fuel products. Number of related services can also be availed. 

Adding more, Al Maha focuses on establishing a strong reputation. It delivers fuel and services, meeting the needs of Dubai's diverse population. The expansion serves both local residents and visitors with reliable fueling experience.


Caltex is a famous global brand in the petroleum industry. It has established a notable presence in Dubai's energy platform. As a part of the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) network, the petrol stations offer a range of high-quality fuel products and services.

With a great focus on customer convenience and satisfaction, Caltex petrol station offers a reliable and accessible refueling solution across various locations in Dubai. The brand is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The brand's affiliation with ENOC enhances its credibility. Moreover, it also ensures adherence to stringent industry standards. Whether you’re fulfilling to everyday commuters or long-distance travelers, Caltex is a reliable choice for fuel needs. The fuel station reflects its dedication to maintaining a strong and trusted presence in the petrol station nearest Dubai market.


Shell, a global energy company has a significant presence in Dubai's fuel market, it offers a comprehensive range of products and services. With multiple petrol stations across the city, Shell provides high-quality fuels and lubricants.

The brand's commitment to innovation is evident through its advanced fuel formulations. The fuel aims to enhance engine performance and efficiency of the vehicle.  

Shell's presence in Dubai extends beyond fuel. It encompasses convenience stores and services, catering to different customer needs.

Shell is famous for its strong emphasis on safety and sustainability. It plays a pivotal role in promoting responsible energy consumption. 

As a recognizable name, Shell continues to serve as a reliable partner for local residents and international visitors looking for top-notch fuel and associated services in Dubai.


Petronas is a famous global energy corporation. The fuel station has established a significant and respected presence in Dubai's energy sector. It operates with a network of strategically positioned petrol stations across the city.

Petronas offers a diverse range of high-quality fuel products to fulfill various needs of Dubai's motorists. The petrol station near to me has commitment to innovation is evident in its advanced fuel formulations that are designed to optimize engine performance.

Adding more, the Petronas goes beyond traditional refueling. It offers the customers a holistic experience along with convenience stores and additional services.

With a strong focus on sustainability, Petronas contributes to Dubai's efforts towards a greener future. It embodies reliability, quality, as well as a dedication to meet the evolving energy requirements of Dubai's community.

Hor Al Anz Filling Station

Hor Al Anz Filling Station in Dubai is not only responsible to fulfill the fueling needs of Dubai's residents but also offers many automotive services. Customer satisfaction is the main focus and this station provides well-maintained facilities.

You can pick Hor Al Anz Filling Station for air and water dispensers, making it a go-to place for all in search of comprehensive refueling experience.

Ibn Majid Filling Station

Ibn Majid Filling Station in Dubai boasts a strong presence in Dubai. Special thanks to their commitment to quality and efficiency. This petrol station offers a variety of fuel options to fulfill the needs of vehicle types that are well-catered to.

Alongside the fuel services, Ibn Majid Filling Station places emphasis on creating a comfortable atmosphere for drivers. The clean restrooms and a welcoming environment are the highlight of Ibn Majid Filling Station in Dubai.

Whether you prioritize high-quality fuel or a comprehensive service experience, these stations have you covered.


Total is a prominent global energy company and has established a notable footprint in Dubai's landscape. The company has a commitment to delivering high-quality fuel products and services.

Total operates with numerous petrol stations across the city. Their offerings extend beyond conventional fuels, providing innovative solutions to enhance vehicle performance and efficiency. Total's presence in Dubai is a testament to its dedication to customer satisfaction.

The brand's focus on sustainability is reflected in its initiatives. Total aims to promote cleaner energy alternatives and reduce environmental impact. 

Through a comprehensive range of offerings, Total plays a vital role in fulfilling the fuel and energy-related needs of Dubai's dynamic population.

Fuel Delivery App in Dubai

Along with the traditional array of Dubai's petrol stations, a convenient alternative in Dubai is the fuel delivery app called CAFU.

CAFU stands as a groundbreaking fuel delivery application. Dubai residents refuel their vehicles to avoid the inconvenience of visiting a petrol station. Refueling with CAFU becomes a seamless and efficient process.

Their on-demand service is available at your fingertips, ensuring the vehicle remains fueled from sunrise to sunset.

One of the best features of CAFU is its affordability, making it a cost-effective option as compared to traditional refueling. With a minimal charge per delivery, you can have the vehicle refueled hassle-free.

Embrace the future of fueling in Dubai with CAFU and make your vehicle's refueling experience effortless. With a multitude of options, Dubai ensures that you are empowered to traverse the city with convenience.

Types of Fuel at Petrol Stations in Dubai

When it comes to fueling up at petrol stations near me in Dubai, drivers have access to a range of fuel types. These types are responsible for fulfilling diverse needs. Dubai's petrol stations go beyond providing fuel; offering a variety of services to enhance overall driving experience.

Let's know different types of fuel available at nearest ADNOC petrol station:

  • Unleaded Fuel: it’s the standard petrol option available when you search for the nearest petrol station. The fuel contains additives to enhance engine performance as well as reduce emissions.
  • Premium Unleaded: it’s also called higher-octane fuel, significantly designed to boost engine efficiency. The fuel delivers better performance. It is suitable for high-performance and luxury vehicles in Dubai.
  • Diesel: Diesel is specifically for diesel-powered vehicles. This fuel type offers greater torque and fuel efficiency.

Comprehensive Services at Petrol Stations in Dubai

Petrol stations in Dubai go above and beyond providing fuel. They offer an array of convenient and essential services to cater the diverse needs of customers. The petrol stations have evolved into multifunctional destinations. They enhance the overall driving experience in Dubai.

  • Manual Car Wash

Many Dubai petrol stations recognize the importance of a clean vehicle. They offer manual car wash services and provide customers with the convenience of refueling with vehicle cleaning. Ensure a sparkling and presentable ride in Dubai.

  • Vehicle Testing

Emarat Shamil is a well-known name in vehicle testing and inspection. It operates at select petrol stations of Dubai. This service allows the drivers to fulfill their legal obligations while refueling or embracing other services.

  • Lube Express

In order to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of vehicles, petrol stations in Dubai provide lube express services. These services include oil changes and basic vehicle maintenance. It saves time and effort.

  • Tyre Express

Tire-related emergencies arise unexpectedly, and nearby petrol station have a dedicated tire express service. You can avail these services for tire repairs and replacements. It ensures that drivers are back on the road swiftly.

  • Car Care Services

Many Dubai petrol stations offer comprehensive car care services. These services include tire inflation, minor maintenance, and windshield cleaning. These car care services contribute to vehicle safety and upkeep.

  • Food Court

Some nearest petrol stations in Dubai have spacious food courts. These food courts allow the customers to enjoy a variety of dining options. It turns the station into a pit stop for not only fueling but also a satisfying meal.

  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Some stations or Emarat petrol station provide LPG refueling services for vehicles, running on alternative fuel sources. This option supports eco-friendly driving as well as offers a great alternative to conventional gasoline.

  • ATM Machine

Dubai petrol stations offer convenient access to financial transactions with the presence of ATM machines at select stations. It allows the customers to withdraw cash and manage the finances conveniently.

Tips for Fueling up at petrol Stations in Dubai

Fueling up at petrol stations in Dubai is an easy process, but there are some essential tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth experience:

  • It would be best to choose the well-known and reputable petrol stations. You can search for a petrol station nearby or Emarat petrol station. It would be best to ensure the quality of fuel and service.
  • Make sure to know your vehicle's fuel type such as gasoline or diesel, select the correct pump accordingly.
  • Most nearby petrol stations accept cash as well as credit/debit cards. Some stations also offer digital payment options including Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • If you have a Salik tag, ensure that it's properly mounted on the windshield to avoid any fines.
  • Many petrol stations in Dubai have attendants who will fill your tank for you. However, if you prefer self-service, always let them know beforehand.
  • ENOC Petrol station or others in Dubai typically offer different grades of gasoline. These are categorized as Super, and Premium. You can select the appropriate grade as per your vehicle's need.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke on petrol stations. Always discard your cigarettes before entering the petrol station area.
  • Turn off your engine before refueling.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while refueling.
  • If you have passengers in your car, remain them inside the vehicle while refueling.
  • Wear your seat belt at all times while at the petrol station.
  • Always Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the petrol station. Follow the designated lanes while waiting for your turn at the pump.
  • Take a moment to check your vehicle's oil level, tire pressure, as well as other basic parameters.
  • Be aware of any local environmental regulations or guidelines.
  • Petrol stations in Dubai operate 24/7. However, it's a great idea to check the opening hours of the specific station especially if it's a public holiday.


Dubai's petrol stations play an essential vital role in serving the needs of the city's residents and visitors. There are many fuel options, including unleaded, premium unleaded, and diesel. These stations provide convenient and essential services beyond fueling. Reputable brands like ADNOC, ENOC, Caltex, Emarat, Shell, and Petronas dominate the Dubai fuel market. These fuel stations ensure quality and sustainability.

The emergence of the CAFU fuel delivery app also enhances convenience. You can follow the guidelines and be aware of the services. You can make the refueling experience in Dubai more efficient and If you plan to go for shopping or dining, you can conveniently rent a car from GreatDubai. Enjoy hassle-free transportation services during your visit.


What are some of the popular fuel stations in Dubai?

Emarat, ENOC, ADNOC, and Caltex are some of the well-known fuel stations in Dubai.

What types of fuels are available at Dubai's petrol stations?

Dubai's petrol stations offer unleaded fuel, premium unleaded, as well as diesel to fulfill various vehicle needs.

What are the alternative fuel options at petrol stations in Dubai?

Some stations provide LPG, refueling services, and offer an eco-friendly alternative for certain vehicles.

Is self-service available at Dubai petrol stations?

Yes, many fuel stations offer both full-service and self-service options for refueling.

Can I use digital payment methods at Dubai's petrol stations?

Yes, most petrol stations in Dubai accept digital payment methods along with cash and credit/debit cards.

What are the operating hours of petrol stations in Dubai?

Almost all the petrol stations in Dubai operate 24/7.