How to renew Sharjah driving license

How to renew Sharjah driving license



Renewal of your driver's license is a very important task for every driver. It makes sure that you are still allowed to drive properly in Sharjah and the UAE as a whole. The Sharjah driver's license update procedure is efficient and busy. This Sharjah driving license renewal guide covers everything. It will also provide vital information on nearby renewals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Your driver's license is more than paper. The road indicates your freedom and independence. New and old Sharjah residents must register to avoid fines, problems, and daily life. Knowing license renewal rules and processes is crucial for more drivers.


Sharjah's renewal process, qualifying conditions, and documentation are given here. Online renewal is also discussed. To comprehend UAE renewals, examine Dubai and Abu Dhabi driving license renewals. So, let's start this journey to make sure you can keep driving safely and legally in Sharjah and beyond.

Locations for License Renewal in Sharjah

Sharjah's driver's license renewal is easy and available at various sites. These places are convenient for both locals and people from other countries. Here are some important places in Sharjah where you can renew your license:

Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department (TLD)

This institution handles all driver's license matters. Renew your driver's license at the TLD office in the city center. The TLD office has everything it needs to promptly renew several domains.


  • Location: Al Khan Area, Sharjah
  • Phone Number: +971 6 528 1111

Online Renewal Portal

Sharjah allows qualifying drivers to renew their licenses online from home. Its simple layout makes this internet utility quick and uncomplicated. You must meet the conditions to use this option.

Municipality Service Centers

Many Sharjah Municipality service centers renew driving licenses. Residents of the Emirates can easily reach these centers in their neighborhoods.

Economic Development Department (DED)

Service centers run by the DED offer government services like driver's license renewal. These places are known for how fast and helpful they are.

Typing Centers 

Many Sharjah typing centers help with government tasks like driver's license renewal. Staff at these places can often help you through the process and fill out paperwork.

Mobile Units

Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department mobile units simplify license renewal. Listen for news about mobile repair units coming to your area.


Before visiting these venues, check the hours and updated requirements or paperwork. Sharjah license renewal is faster with all the information and in the best place.

Sharjah Driving License Renewal Process

Sharjah driver's license renewal is easy in person or online with valid paperwork. The steps for your driving license renewal in Sharjah are as follows:


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Eligibility Criteria

Make sure you complete these requirements before renewing:


  • Eligibility Criteria: Driving licenses must be current or less than six months old. Long-term license suspensions may require applicants and drivers to repeat driving tests.

Required Documents

Before starting the renewal process, get the papers you need:


  • Existing Driving License: You must present your existing license to update it.
  • Passport Copy: Give a clear copy of your passport, including the page with your visa.
  • Emirates ID: Send in a picture of your Emirates ID card.
  • Eye Test Results: You must have had a recent eye exam at a recognized optical center. Make sure you have the legal certificate from the eye test.

Online vs. In-Person Renewal

You can update your Sharjah driver's license online or in person.


  • Online renewal: If you qualify, you can renew your license easily online.  Follow Sharjah Government or Police website instructions to renew driver's license online.
  • In-Person Renewal: Visit the last location if you'd rather talk to someone, or don't renew online. Pay the required fees and turn in your papers in person to finish the renewal process.

Application Procedure

Whether you choose to renew in person or online, these steps are usually part of the process:


  • Document Submission: Request your driver's license, visa, Emirates ID, and eye exam results.
  • Fee Payment: Pay renewal fees, which vary by license type and duration.
  • Biometric Data: You may need to provide fingerprints and a photo to renew your license in person.
  • Processing Time: Driver licence renewals vary in time but are usually short. Most of the time, online replacements are faster.
  • Receive Temporary License: Most of the time, your license is temporary until you update it.
  • Collect New License: When your license is ready, return to where you renewed it in person.

Renewal of your Sharjah driver's license is a very important task. If you follow these steps, you will be able to continue driving legally and safely in the city.

Timelines and Fees

Know the dates, expenses, and penalties to renew a Sharjah driver's license.


Renewal Periods and Grace Periods

Renewal Period

The type and preference of Sharjah driver's licenses are modified every 5–10 years. Your demands and budget determine the length of your renewal.

Grace Period 

Sharjah usually offers you 30 days to get a new license when yours expires. You can renew your license for free during this grace period. Use this grace period to keep your driving privileges.

Fee Structure for Different License Types

Sharjah's driver's license renewal fees vary by kind and duration. Fees are explained here:


Private Vehicle License (Light Vehicle)

Renewing a private car license costs between AED 300 and AED 500, depending on its validity (5 or 10 years).


Commercial Vehicle License

Commercial vehicle license renewal costs vary by vehicle and validity duration. Costs range from AED 1,500 to AED 4,500 or more.


Motorcycle License

A motorcycle license renewal costs between AED 200 and AED 400, depending on how often it is renewed.


Heavy Vehicle License

Strong vehicle license renewal costs AED 2,500–6,000 or more, depending on vehicle and validity.


Before renewing, check the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department or government website fees.

Penalty Charges for Late Renewal

To avoid fines, renew your driver's license on schedule. These late renewal fees may apply:


First Month of Expiry

Renewing your license during the first month is usually free. During this time, renew as quickly as possible to continue driving lawfully


Second month after expiration

For each day you're late renewing in the second month after expiration, you may be fined AED 10. This amount adds up quickly, so repeat it often.


Second Month of Expiry

You may have to pay more and undergo further tests after expiration. Any license renewal request after two months will be denied. Avoid this since penalties can drain your finances.


The ideal Sharjah driver's license renewal is within grace time or before expiration. This will help you avoid fines and keep your driving privileges. Keep in mind that these fines can change, so it's important to stay up-to-date for a smooth repeat process.


In conclusion, Sharjah's driver's license must be upgraded to drive. This tutorial covers eligibility, documentation, and online or in-person Sharjah driver's license upgrades. Renewing dates and rates emphasize grace periods to avoid fines. If you understand license fees, you can plan your update and budget.


Staying on top of Sharjah's trends and renewal options is crucial as it grows. The process is easier than ever to do because you can do it online, and government service centers work well. Following this guide makes renewing your license easy. This will preserve your driving rights and keep Sharjah's traffic flowing smoothly.


Renewing your license is a vow to drive safely and responsibly, not merely a legal duty. So, remember when your license expires, gather your papers, and renew it on time to keep driving in Sharjah. Enjoy your travels!


Sharjah License Renewal Fee?

The Sharjah license renewal price for under-21s is AED 120. It costs AED 320 for individuals 21 and older. AED 15 is payable for license delivery. You can self-collect the license to avoid this charge. Credit cards are accepted for renewal. 

How long is my renewed license valid? 

UAE driving license renewals and those of GCC nationals last 10 years. For expats, the validity period is 5 years.

Can I renew my Sharjah driving license online?

The government website lets qualified Sharjah drivers renew their licenses online. Ensure you meet the criteria for online renewal.

What documents are required for renewal?

Driving license, passport copy, Emirates ID, and recent center eye test results.

I have a renewal question. Who should I contact?

You can call the Ministry of Interior helpline at 800-5000.

How can I renew my Dubai driving license?

The driving license dubai renewal process has also been simplified. Emirates Driving School is prominent in Dubai. 


Getting an Ajman driver's license is easy. The UAE allows you to transfer your driving license between emirates for convenience. Only Sharjah residents can get a driving license.


The Sharjah driving license renewal process takes minutes. Additionally, you no longer need to provide several pieces of paperwork. Now you know how to renew your Sharjah driver's license. Apply for renewal early to avoid penalties. First-time applicants can visit Sharjah driving schools.


Dubai residency visa holders can rent Sharjah apartments with a driving license.