What Are the Best Times of Year to Rent a Car in Dubai for Lower Prices?

What Are the Best Times of Year to Rent a Car in Dubai for Lower Prices?

Though the city is famous for luxury, you will find many self-drive car rental companies here. However, it is similar to most travel destinations the car-rental fees within Dubai are likely to change over some time of the year. Hire a car in Dubai, It is an ideal place for that. Knowledge of such variances will assist the travelers to increase their chances of saving more and ultimately enjoy their stay.

Off-Peak Tourist Seasons

In most car rental service providers, reduced prices for car rentals are most likely to be offered during periods of low traveler traffic. These are normally taken either during summer or throughout the year especially from June to September when the climate is relatively hot. During this season, temperatures in Dubai could be high with most individuals who may have planned to visit the destination being discouraged by the heat. Therefore, companies like Avis and Hertz offer their vehicles for less, to capture the remaining few travelers, thus this can be an excellent opportunity for those who want to save their money.

Shoulder Seasons: Spring and Autumn period

Double checking, another good time to get an affordable car rental in Dubai is during the Should season which is from the mid-season march to May and the postseason which is October to November. This occasion is a bit busier than summer, but the weather is relatively much cooler as compared to summer. The pricing structure of car rental companies may not drop to the lowest it does for the summers, but it is cheaper than what it is during winters. Also, the weather is friendly in those periods hence enabling one to traverse throughout the city as well as visit various attractions .

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Ramadan Period

Another useful tip for saving money on car rental is to look for the time when more cars are in demand and where people are ready to pay a higher price: it is Ramadan month for Muslims which is the 9th month of Islamic calendar and depends on the Moon phase. Ramadan in Dubai is followed in a very proper manner because the nature of work and daily schedule during this month is much different than the normal working schedule. This may result in an occasional decrease in the demand for rented cars hence the companies have to try their best to lure customers by offering discounts. However, there are certain related cultural practices for this period I have to consider including fasting from dawn till dusk and the relative sluggish activity in this city.

Booking in Advance

It is better if you are able to book your rental car in advance, so that you have better prices regardless of the time of the year. As can be seen with most car rental services worldwide, including other locations, peak seasons of rent a car including weekends and holidays, and the prices are relatively higher the nearer they get to the pick-up date. Pre-booking also helps you book at a cheaper rate. This is because car hire companies offer lower charges for early bookings.

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Special Promotions and Discounts

Most local car rental firms in Dubai usually have standard offers and go down key sale promotions any time of the year. These can be personalized to establish certain holidays, events or even the loyalty program. Thus, one ought to follow the web-sites of large car rental companies or join their mailing lists to find out about such offers. Still, if any, even the last momento arrival might try to get some sort of ‘hook’ to at least take benefit of some sort of offer so as to save some dollars.


In conclusion, the most occasions when car rental in Dubai is cheaper for tourists are in the summer, in spring and fall, and possibly at Ramadan. However, prior booking is another great way to increase your chances of getting a great bargain and keeping an eye for special offers. To cut the cost of renting a car then you need to time your rental in the right manner, so that you get to explore Dubai at your own taste without having to strain so much.