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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,Kia rental cars are worthwhile with Great Dubai.

Great Dubai offers a wide range of Kia cars models for rent. These models range from Kia Soul to Kia K5. For more information on our selection of Kia cars contact us.

The overall rental cost for Kia cars in Dubai varies depending on the car models. At Great Dubai, you can find the latest models of Kia cars to rent at competitive and reliable prices.

Yes, you can easily book your Kia cars rental in Dubai online with Great Dubai. Our company also offers a comfortable 24/7 booking of Kia cars for the convenience of customers in Dubai.

Yes, Great Dubai offers free delivery and pick up of your Kia rental cars to any desired location. This location may be your desired hotel, airport or house in Dubai.

Yes, you can easily extend your Kia cars rental period by contacting Great Dubai's customer service in Dubai.

Yes, our company offers a wide range of flexible rental plans for Kia cars. These plans allow you to rent a Kia car for a short period and longer duration according to your own wish.

Yes, mileage limits may apply on Kia cars, but you could check the Great Dubai website to recognize any restrictions. Normally mileage for Kia cars with our company is around 250 km.

Great Dubai cancellation policy varies based on the duration of your Kia car rental. For more information contact our company.