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About Company

The well-being of Ali and Sons is an established business headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ali and Sons was established in 1979 and presented its products to auto, real estate, hospitality, energy, and ships.

Automotive: Ali and Sons is a standout name in the automotive sector as the leading distributor of some of the world's biggest car manufacturers in the UAE. They have a broad spectrum of vehicles available, including luxury cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and comprehensive after-sales services.

Real Estate: The company has executed property projects in many areas, acquiring commercial and residential real estate in premium positions. Their portfolio features retail areas, business centres, hotels, residential compounds, etc. The second project contributes to the urban area of the UAE.

Hospitality: Ali and Sons now own the stocks and manage the properties, luxury hotels, and resorts. They are ready to deliver their best and leave customers with a lasting impression of convenience and top quality.

Energy: The corporation has a strong position in the energy sector and many interests, including oil and gas exploration, production, and distribution. The activities that the actors may undertake could be directed towards creating and extending the regional energy industry.

Marine Services: The marine services sector of Ali and Sons boasts an array of solutions, such as shipbuilding, ship repair, and sea-related engineering. Their identification helps the maritime industry grow and is part of the UAE's vision of achieving global maritime recognition.

The variety of Ali and Son's businesses is an extension of their intent to drive the UAE's economy across distinct sectors. However, this goes hand-in-hand with their founding principles and core values of transparency, innovativeness, and sustainability.