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About Company

Dulsco Group has a great heritage line dating back to 1935, and it realizes that an entrepreneurial opportunity arises to supply a labor force for a British-owned vessel trading ship in the Arabian Gulf. The event became the starting point of Dulsco's saga, apart from hiring able-handed workers who provided the necessary help in bringing the given cargo ashore. One of the significant prongs in Dulsco Careers progression has been the emphasis on problem-solving, which has been the core of its business style since its inception.

A team of few has blossomed into a whole workforce of 16,000 employees. As we treat each patient individually and try to develop personalized care plans, we are constantly evaluating and adapting our treatment methods. Our Group of Companies is the sole supplier for about 3,500 client firms within the Region and abroad.

Although Dulsco Careers Group is renowned for its advanced and remarkable solutions, its people remain critical for its success. The organization stresses that all people employed should feel comfortable and all the human potential should be unlocked. The Group aims to do this by putting the livelihood and well-being of their community first at the frontline and nurturing the talents and skills of their community members.

Starting as a UAE-based enterprise, Dulsco Group has diversified its qualities into a multi-disciplinary sector. The company's goal is clear: to provide solutions for both people and the environment, encourage talent, and implement a tailored energy strategy. Dulsco Group offers solutions enabling its clients to utilize their performance and productivity even better.

Eventually, Dulsco Careers Group's history would be one of growth, development, and corresponding devotion to consumers and the team. Having a primary goal of improving productivity and sustainability, the firm has been successful as it has expanded in various fields.