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About Company

As your family has been in the hospitality business for 3rd generation, the fact that you decide to give Western part of the United States to investors is a good illustration of your command in this sphere. The company has been in business for 40 years hence nothing is more expensive than this experience, as it has learnt valuable insights in each of them; namely hospitality development, asset management, acquisition, and operation of limited and semi-full service hotels.

Lotus Management LLC success is remarkable and their properties have an advantage in their competitive sets and their operational standards exceed the predictable brand standards. It shows your dedication to giving the highest service to the guests and the power to create the moments they remember.

Your established relationship with Marriott, IHG, and Choice Hotels for tenure gives us the trust that you have cooperated well with reliable hotel brands. These deals can have come with advantages that include, brand resources access, marketing support and guest loyalty due to their brands fame.

Take your advantage of your vast experience and leading brand partnerships and you will not only survive, but will stay at the top in the hospitality sector. Western United States is your area of focus and a strategically-oriented approach offers you the opportunity to engage in geographically-limited investment by using your skills and networks properly.

Generally, your family-owned hospitality firm's sector niche, long successful journey and the firm's enviable brand partnerships provides the credentials required to be among the most trusted and experienced firms in the sector.