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About Company

The UAE-based General More Ideas General Trading LLC is an enterprise that has different trading activities categorized into various classes. Their main role carries trade between different nationals of a few specific product categories and other merchandise items. That way, they take the products from the manufacturers and then deliver them to retailers, businesses, or other distributors, thus playing the wholesaling role. They may be the specialists that trade some agricultural products, metals, fuel resources or unprocessed commodities. Next, it can actively supply consumer goods, including electronic accessories, home appliances, apparel, cosmetics, beauty items, etc. They may also be involved in trade across industries, including various industrial products, such as machinery, equipment, tools, and components. Another cockpit of action would be the business of trading in construction and building materials, with beer, steel, timber, tiles, and others being some of these products. On the other hand, More Ideas General Trading LLC can concentrate on trading food or beverages, automotive parts and accessories, or health and wellness goods, and even sell its products through the website or different marketplaces that make up e-commerce. The enterprise's trading activities reported a broad spectrum that was supposed to satisfy the demands of both local and international buyers.