What Should I Do If I Have an Accident with a Rental Car in Dubai?

What Should I Do If I Have an Accident with a Rental Car in Dubai?

Suffering through a car accident which involved a rental car during the time you are in Dubai can be quite a challenge. However, you can always be prepared for the measures to be taken and avoid further mess where possible. Well, here is a full guide if by any chance you are in such a situation.

Ensure Safety First

Initially, there’s the necessity to identify whether the injured party and other individuals at the scene of the accident are safe or not. First you must assess the situation by determining if anyone involved, yourself included, has been injured. In the event of an accident, it is advisable to summon the services of a physician without any delay. If at all possible, the drivers should shift their vehicles out of the traffic lanes in which they stopped. Hazard lights and warning triangles are important in notifying other road users and this should be considered.

Call the Police

Some of the requirements that must be observed include the following; In Dubai, an accident that happens must be reported to the police. Call the police in Dubai, which can be done by dialing the number 999, and then, describe the details of the incident to them. The police must write a report that will be used to support the insurance claims, and will also be given to the rental company. Do not forget to obtain either the report or the reference number – they may come in handy.

Document the Scene

Try to do as many procedures as possible relating to the accident. Photograph the scene and the vehicles in detail which includes part and full views of a damaged car, license number plate and the areas surrounding the scene. A record of the names of other people involved in the accident, their phone numbers, driver license numbers, information about the insurance companies which the people in the accident were using. In case there are witnesses of the accident involve them by acquiring their contact details as well as their statements.

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Notify the Rental Company

It is possible to mention some of the guidelines and recommendations that have to be followed if a client wants to minimize expenses and get the necessary assistance as soon as possible: They will probably have certain procedures in place or you might be requested to complete certain documents. They are expected to be furnished with a police report and other necessary documents.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Consult your lease move-in agreement, insurance company or agent and any other documents for your coverage details. Look at the user’s guide to determine if you got a CDW since it often covers the rental car’s damage, but make sure you carry liability coverage for other people’s property or vehicles. Check if you have Personal Accident Insurance available to enable you to pay for the medical bills incident to the accident.

Repair and Claims Process

Most of the rental companies have laid down procedures and policies on how to handle the repairs and therefore it is recommended and advised that the client strictly adhere to these policies that have been put in place. It will direct you where to take the car for repairs and all the other related issues. Closely coordinate with your insurance agency and the insurance of the rental car company to file claims and send any necessary documents to the insurance companies as soon as possible in order to avoid any hold- ups.

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Financial Responsibility

Bear in mind there is definitely a cost factor involved. Claimants may be expected to pay for deductibles under the insurance policy and any other losses which are not reimbursed under our insurance policy will need to be paid from personal pocket. Returning to the basic rental company, it may also apply administrative charges to process the accident.

It will also enlighten the parties about the legal implications of the developing situation. In case of being a culprit, you could have received penalties for traffic laws violation, or fines. When in doubt settle the debate of either fault or damages, then be ready to consult a lawyer.

Prevention for Future Rental Travellers

To sum it up, always ensure you get the highest level of insurance possible such as collision damage waiver, third-party, and personal injury insurance. It is necessary to come to terms with the local traffic laws and drive carefully in order not to endanger one’s own or other people’s lives, particularly when driving in unknown districts.

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Accidents are inevitable and could be very complicated especially where one is using a rental car as is felt in Dubai, but the following steps will certainly make it easier. Follow safety precautions, notify the police immediately, keep records of any event that may happen, and work hand-in-hand with the rent services or insurances. CAR IDD has a wealth of tips for staying informed and prepared, which can help ease the process and get the behavior back on track before it becomes a problem.