What are the Main Car Rental Companies in Dubai?

What are the Main Car Rental Companies in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the large cities in the United Arab Emirates. Often used as a travel destination, Dubai offers visitors tall buildings, shopping malls, and attractive coastal areas. Every time people arrive in Dubai, it becomes very necessary for everyone who wants to get around the city to hire a car. Dubai has numerous car rental firms that one can rent a car from. Here are some of the main ones.


The company referred to as Hertz is one of the most popular car rental firms in the market.. They possess many forms of cars. Whether one wants a small car, a big car, or a fancy car, there is an online car rental service for each of these. Companies like Hertz are reputed to have little bad records in relation to the service they provide as well as the condition of their cars.


Avis is another firm in the car rental industry that is well known. They have many branches all over Dubai that have enabled them to expand and establish branches all over Dubai. As we have noted, Avis has a variety of cars depending on what a person needs from a vehicle. Whether it is a one day car rental or a thirty day Car rental, Avis has options for you.

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The site is also recommended for someone looking for a car hire bargain – Budget is one of the cheaper car rental companies available. They have many of them and they are rather cheap. Budget is ideal for individuals who have a low budget and are willing to be flexible as they offer affordable services.

Great Dubai

Another car rental service that can be recommended for use in Dubai is called Great Dubai Car Rental. From their stock they have many cars that they can provide and the prices are also reasonable. It should be noted that Great Dubai Car Rental has received a lot of feedback for its simple and efficient booking platform and helpful employees.


It may seem unbelievable but Europcar has always been known for their incredible customer relations. As for them, I know that they have a range of cars to select. Europcar has full promotions and cheap prices, which is rather beneficial for the tourists.


Thrifty is one of the known car rental services providers that operate in Dubai. Some of the key strengths include; They have relatively cheap prices and a good stock of cars. It is suitable for the travelers visiting Australia for tourism and even those who are on business trips.


It is important to note that Sixt is well-known for hiring out luxury cars. However, if you want the luxury, the sleek looks of a prestige car, Sixt should be your first choice. It also has other standard cars for self-service. There is clear evidence proving that Sixt company operates effectively by ensuring efficiency in the provision of services.

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Dollar Rent a Car

Dollar is known to provide rental cars that are affordable from a broad selection of cars. There are many around Dubai and this makes it easier to send one’s car for servicing since many are located in different areas. When it comes to the quality of service, there is nothing wrong with a friendly staff and some good service.


If you are renting a car in Dubai, be very certain that you possess all your documents that include your driving permit and your passport. Insurance is also something that the rental company might offer; check this before renting. You can hire a car for some financial considerations and make your trip to Dubai more enjoyable. Enjoy your visit!